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earthquake;sedimentation;turbid lakeEcological Damage in Jiuzhaigou Is Restorable

Mars;simulation base;Mars probeChina to Build First Mars Simulation Base

biological mechanism;neuropathy;drug;Organophosphates;TRPA1;neuron cell;nervous systemChinese Scientists Identify Way, Drugs for Nerve Damage Treatment

Ecological Damage in Jiuzhaigou Is Restorable

Experts from the Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) started to investigate the ecological damages on Thursday after the quake at Jiuzhaigou national park. The results were released on Sunday as follows:

Research News

  • catalyst;single-atom catalysts;C-H oxidation

    Aug 18, 2017

    Chinese Scientists Fabricate New Fe-N-C Single-Atom Catalysts

    Chinese scientists from DICP fabricated a kind of Fe-N-C Single-Atom Catalysts, which shows excellent catalytic activity and selectivity for C-H oxidation at room temperature.

  • itch;scratch;central neural circuit;itch sensation;GRPR;signal processing;parabrachial nucleus;PBN;spino-parabrachial;spinal neuron

    Aug 18, 2017

    Scientists Identify Central Neural Circuit for Itch Sensation

    A recent study carried out by Dr. SUN Yangang's lab at the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a central neural circuit that is critical for transmitting the itch signal.

  • spike;wheat;transcriptome

    Aug 17, 2017

    Transcriptome Association Explains Wheat Spike Architecture

    Researchers in Dr. JIAO Yuling’s group from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dr. WANG Xiangfeng’s group from China Agricultural University recently used a population associative transcriptomic approach in combination with coexpression network analysis to infer the identities of genes related to spike complexity.

Multimedia News

quantum satellite;quantum communication;QUESS;Micius

Chinese Scientists Make Quantum Communication...

The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced a major breakthrough today as the world's first quantum satellite has successfully completed three tasks.

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau;scientific expedition;climate change;biodiversity

Highlights of China's 2nd scientific Expediti...

China began its second scientific expedition to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau this June to study changes in climate, biodiversity and environment over the past decades.

Chinese Research Vessel Conducts Operation in...

"Faxian" aboard Chinese research vessel "Kexue" conducted an operation to detect a cold seep in the South China Sea and collected lots of biological samples such as shrimps and shells.

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