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Europeans;science;ChinaWhen Europeans Do Science in China

Milky Way;Milky Way Imaging Scroll PaintingChinese Astronomers Complete over 71 Percent of Milky Way Observation Project

Mollisonia plenovenatrix;chelicerate;anthropod;scorpion;spider;Burgess ShaleScientists Discover Oldest Ancestor of Spider, Scorpion

When Europeans Do Science in China

John Speakman, a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other Europeans shared their experience on doing science in China.

Research News

  • photosynthesis;cyanobacteria;biomanufacturing

    Sep 17, 2019

    Scientists Review Strategies to Optimize Cyanobacteria Chassis Cell...

    A research team led by Prof. LU Xuefeng from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology made a systematic and comprehensive summary on designing principles and engineering strategies on developing advanced cyanobacteria chassis cells toward the requirements of photosynthetic biomanufacturing in the future.

  • DELLA;EDS1 protein interaction;growth-defense tradeoff;Arabidopsis

    Sep 17, 2019

    Scientists Reveal A "Middle Way" of Plant Defense Response

    In a recent study, HOU Xingliang's research group from South China Botanical Garden reported the latest research progress on the precise regulation of growth-defense balance in plants. DELLA protein is a key negative regulator of gibberellin (GA) signaling pathway, which functions in many aspects of plant growth and development, and also participates in the regulation of plant stress response.

  • hollow nitrogen-doped carbon;HNPC;Li-S;sulfur host

    Sep 17, 2019

    Interfused Hollow Nitrogen-doped Carbon Developed as Sulfur Hosts f...

    Prof. WANG Ruihu and his colleagues from Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter reported one type of new interfused hollow nitrogen-doped carbon (HNPC) materials derived from imidazolium-based ionic polymer (ImIP)-encapsulated zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8).

Multimedia News

CSNS;Spallation Neutron Source;spallation neutron source;neutron

China's Spallation Neutron Source

Now it's been nearly a year since China launched its first ever Spallation Neutron Source facility

forum;strategy;policy;BAI Chunli

Strategy and Policy High-level Forum of Chine...

Participants attend a strategy and policy high-level forum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 12, 2019.

China's Top Science Institution Marks 70 Year...

The Chinese Academy of Sciences is considered one of the world's top research establishments. To mark the 70th anniversary, it has held a number of activities highlighted by the event "Foreign reporters into the CAS" last week.

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