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chameleon;iridophores;soft robot

Chameleon-inspired Structural Color Soft Robot Can Interact with Environment[Jul 31, 2019]

A novel structural color soft robot with both color-changing and locomotion capabilities has been developed by a research team led by Dr. DU Xuemin from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology.

cosmic gamma ray;Crab Nebula;big bang

Scientists Discover Highest Energy Cosmic Gamma Rays in Tibet[Jul 03, 2019]

A joint research team made up of Chinese and Japanese scientists has discovered the highest energy cosmic gamma rays ever observed from an observatory in Tibet, opening a new window to explore the extreme universe.

deer;Ruminant Genome Project;ruminant species;genome

Chinese Researchers Map out Deer's Genomes, Lend Clues to Cure Human Diseases[Jun 21, 2019]

An international team led by Chinese scientists explained why deer are less likely to develop cancer, how reindeer adapt to the harsh environments, and how they produce more Vitamin D. The answers could have far-reaching medical implications.

tetravalent vaccine;norovirus;viral gastroenteritis;norovirus vaccine

China Approves Norovirus Vaccine for Clinical Trial[Jun 06, 2019]

Chinese authorities have greenlit a clinical trial for the world's first tetravalent vaccine against norovirus, the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis. The vaccine, after four years of development, can theoretically prevent 80 to 90 percent of norovirus infections also known as "stomach flu".

Chang’E-4;Lunar mantle;South Pole-Aitken basin;olivine

China's Chang'E 4 Mission Discovers New "Secrets" from Far Side of the Moon[May 16, 2019]

A lunar lander named for the Chinese goddess of the moon may have lessened the mystery of the far side of the moon. The fourth probe of Chang'E (CE-4) was the first mission to land on the far side of the moon, and it has collected new evidence from the largest crater in the solar system,clarifying how the moon may have evolved.

dinosaur;Ambopteryx longibrachium;pterosaur;vertebrate

Chinese Scientists Discover Bizarre Winged Dinosaur[May 10, 2019]

Chinese scientists have found the remains of a bizarre Jurassic dinosaur with membranous wings, showing a strange but unsuccessful attempt to fly in the evolution process from dinosaur to bird. The well-preserved fossil, discovered from northeast China's Liaoning Province, dates back 163 million years and belongs to a new species of Jurassic non-avian theropod dinosaur with associated feathers and membranous tissues.


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