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No.3, 2020
  130 In This Issue
  135 2020 TKK Science Awards and Young Scientist Awards Announced
  137 Experimental Detection of Pentaquark States — Peering into the Inner Structure of the Building Blocks of Our Universe
  141 New Privileged Chiral Ligand for Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions
  143 Splicing Cycle Visualized in Atomic Detail
  146 Destruction of North China Craton — Unveiling the Violent Side of the Ancient Continent
  150 Can Friction Disappear?
  152 Solutions of Demailly's Strong Openness Conjecture and Related Problems in Several Complex Variables
  154 Deciphering the Sweet ‘Dressing Code’ on Cells
  157 Fixing Hybrid Vigor by Making Clonal Seeds
  161 Are Soil Desiccation Cracks Mostly in Square Shape, or Hexagon?
  164 Harnessing Chaos to Control the Momentum of Light
  166 Forging the Great by the Smalls
  169 NAOC Scientists Made a Crucial Step towards Understanding Dark Energy
  171 Zooming in on Dark Matter
  173 Dome A in Antarctica Proved the Best Site for Optical Astronomical Observation on Earth
  175 Study Reveals the Secret Life of Lithium in Sun-like Stars — Created Not Just Destroyed
  176 Spectroscopic Evidence for an Additional Symmetry Breaking in the Nematic State of FeSe Superconductor
  179 A Nonlocal Spin Hall Magnetoresistance in a Platinum Layer Deposited on a Magnon Junction
  182 Single-molecule Studies Reveal a Traveling Wave-like Model for Homologous Recombination
  184 Accessing Both Enantiomers by Varying Reaction Time
  186 New Method Helps Spot Gastric Cancer Cell
  188 A New Patch for Improved CAR-T Cell Therapy
  189 Computational Methods May Speed up Drug Discovery
  190 New Cretaceous Jehol Fossil Sheds Light on Evolution of Ancestral Mammalian Middle Ear
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