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  130 Vice Premier Visits Ali Observatory
  131 InBrief
  133 Neutrinos, Large Scientific Facilities and Science Innovation -- An Interview with Prof. Arthur B. McDonald
  137 Understanding the Genome's "Dark Matter" -- An Interview with Prof. CHEN Lingling
  142 Man behind World's Largest Radio Telescope Passes Away at 72
  145 New Results from Micius Pave Way for Global Quantum Communications
  152 A Rescuer in the Nucleus: Sno-lncRNA SLERT Found Crucial for Nucleolus Function in Humans
  156 China's Spallation Neutron Source Goes Operational
  160 China's Next Optical/Infrared Telescope: The Debate Is On
  163 Achieve Research Excellence through Improvement of Science Assessment System
  168 Recommendation for Establishing a National Bioethics Commission
  172 Two New Pulsars Discovered Using FAST
  173 Evidence Shows Dark Energy May Be Dynamical, Not Constant
  175 The Study of Supermassive Black Holes: From X-ray to Infrared
  177 Synaptic Transistor Implemented Using Quasi-2D Molybdenum Oxide
  179 Enlarging Flower Display Vital for Cross-fertilized Alpine Herb
  180 Asian Honey Bees Use Trace Amount Chemical to Avoid Danger
  181 Scientists Find a New Species of Rain-pool Frog in Western Thailand
  182 Scientists Reveal Historical Assembly of East Asian Subtropical Evergreen Broadleaved Forests
  184 Study Reveals Highest Known Glacial Refugee for Fish
  185 Genome-wide Data from a 40,000-year-old Man in China Reveals Complicated Genetic History of Asia
  188 A Bottom-up Strategy to Prepare New Carbon Rich Materials
  189 Duckweed Outbreaks Could Be a Good Thing
  190 Low-cost, Printable and Stretchable Sensor for Human Motion Monitoring
  191 Scientists Identify Different Developmental Trajectories for Individuals with Schizotypal Traits
  192 Sensory Modality Matters in Attentional Control
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