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  66 Exhibition Showcases CAS Efforts to Serve the National Goal of Building an Innovation-Driven Country
  69 InBrief
  74 China Catches up in X-ray Astronomy
  80 China Gears up for Lunar Science
  86 Micius Witnesses "Spooky Action" over 1200km from Outer Space
  91 Lost in Redundancy: Dysfunctional Sperm Found Victim of Failed Histone Replacement Caused by Mutant Human Piwi
  96 Nonvolatile Multifunctional Programmable Spin Logic Cell
  99 Multiple Channels of Relaxation in Glasses
  101 Strong-Coupling Ultrafast Charge Transfer in MoS2/WS2 Bilayers
  103 Milky Way Outskirts Hotter, Thicker than Previously Thought
  104 Researchers Identify a Novel Mechanism That Regulates Germline Stem Cell Function in Drosophila
  105 PHB Associates with HIRA Complex to Control an Epigenetic- Metabolic Circuit in Human ESCs
  106 New Research into Potential Epigenetic Origins of Type-1 Diabetes
  108 Scientists Reveal Impact of Dietary Interventions on Noncoding RNAs and Transposons
  109 Cyclophilin A-regulated Ubiquitination Found Critical for RIG-I- mediated Antiviral Immune Responses
  110 Scientists Reveal Structural Mechanisms of Nivolumab-based PD-1- PD-L1 Blockade
  111 Scientists Discover a Nuclear-localized Effector from Plant Vascular Fungus Verticillium dahliae
  112 Discovery of a “Double-Brake” Like Neurochemical Mechanism Underlying Locust Swarming
  113 A New Orchid Species Found in Yunnan
  114 Discovering Flora in Laos
  115 Conserve Birds by Increasing Forest Area near Rubber Plantations
  116 Ant Eavesdropping Leads to Arms Race between Predator and Prey
  117 Scientists Report a New Species of Small Mammal
  118 Palaeodiversity of Agaricales: Evidence from Mushrooms and Mycophagous Beetles in Amber
  120 A New Perspective on Global Warming Hiatus
  121 Large Part of Asia Could Expect Hotter Summers
  122 Scientists Reveal Main Contributor to Treeline Distribution in Rocky Mountains
  123 Temperature Anomaly History Adds to Global Warming Evidence
  124 Bio-Based Hybrid Materials with Better Strength and Toughness
  125 One Step Closer Towards Complete Bioproduction of Zocor
  126 A Novel Photocatalyst to Remove NO and Reduce Air Pollution
  127 Odors Warps Visual Time Perception
  128 How Kids Develop Multitasking Ability
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