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  194 Observation of a Charged Charmonium-like Structure at BESIII
  196 Origin of Shape Resonance in Second-Harmonic Generation from Metallic Nanohole Arrays
  198 Solar Storm Propagation from Sun to Earth: A General Picture Revealed
  199 Space Weather Scientists Use 3D Simulation to Predict Potentially Dangerous Solar Eruptions
  201 Selective Enhancement of a Single Harmonic Emission
  202 Superconductivity in Topological Insulator Sb2Te3 Induced by Pressure
  203 New Molecular Mechanism of Depression Revealed
  205 Local Biological Motion Cues Trigger Reflexive Attentional Orienting in the Brain
  206 Scientists Reveal Crystal Structure of Allophanate Hydrolase
  207 Tree Frog Study Offers New Insights to India-Asia Collision Theory
  208 World’s Last Group of Cao Vit Gibbon and Their Last Home
  210 Mangshan Pit Viper Now Protected against Illegal Trade, under Scientists’ Proposal
  212 Three New Dragonfly Species Discovered in Central China
  213 A New Haramiyid Indicating a Complex Pattern of Evolution in Mesozoic Mammals
  215 New Progress Made in the Taphonomy of Fossil Insects
  216 Experts Call For Reducing N Emissions in Subtropical Central China
  218 Important Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agricultural Soil Underestimated
  219 Effective Agricultural Practices Help to Sustain Rural Livelihoods and Promote Rural Transformation within the Loess Plateau of China
  220 Tracing Greenhouse Gases Emissions of the Yellow River Estuary Helps Accurately Estimate Carbon Emission from Intertidal Zone
  222 CAS Develops Advanced Biomass Materials for Energy Storage
  224 China Launches Applicable Deep UV Laser Devices
  225 A New Catalyst for Durene Conversion
  226 An Interview with OUYANG Ziyuan: Chang’e-3 and China’s Lunar Missions
  232 New Results from Daya Bay: Tracking the Disappearance of Ghostlike Neutrinos
  234 Molecular Structure Reveals How HIV Infects Cells
  236 Exceptionally-preserved Fossil Fish from China Reveals the Evolution of Early Jawed Vertebrates
  238 China’s First Superconducting Tokamak Retires
  241 Cultivating Industrial Biotech Ecology for Homeland from Beijing
  245 Merging Modern and Traditional for Better Food and Sustainability in Developing World
  249 CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology
  250 Ecological Protection and Sustainable Development in Sanjiangyuan
  253 Development Trends and Measures to Promote China’s Solar Cell Technology and the PV Industry
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