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No.2, 2021
  66 In This Issue
  68 China and Russia Welcome International Participation in Lunar Research Station Project
  70 Book Launch: English Edition of DIIS Theory and Methodology in Think Tanks Released by Springer
  71 New Energy Technology Research – Opportunities and Challenges Officially Released in Beijing
  72 Zhurong Touches down on Mars for in situ Scientific Investigations
  74 China's Technological Research Capabilities See a Steady Growth
  76 SPECIAL: Towards Next-generation Rice – Following the Footprints of Late Academician YUAN Longping
  86 HIGHLIGHT: UHE Photons on the “Knee” Pose Challenges to Dominant Model on Origins of Cosmic Rays
  94 Int'l Cooperation: Working together to Explore Transients in the X-ray Universe

-- An Interview with Dr. Erik Kuulkers, ESA Project Scientist for Einstein Probe

  99 ThinkTank Report: Developing Nutritious Crops, Improving the Nutritional Quality of Farm Produce in China
  103 FAST Detects First Evidence for 3D Spin-velocity Alignment in a Pulsar
  104 New FAST Discoveries Shed Light on Pulsars
  106 Evidence for PeVatrons, the Milky Way’s Most Powerful Particle Accelerators
  108 Genome Analyses Reveal the Origin of Specialized Body Plan in Flatfishes
  110 Machine Learning Helps Mining Microalgal Cell Factories for Reducing Carbon Emissions
  112 Researchers Discover the Neural Circuit Mechanism Underlying an Intelligent and Flexible Decision-Making Behavior
  115 Discovery of New Echolocating Mammalian Lineage
  117 Tuning the Length of Fatty Acids in Oil-producing Microalgae
  119 Researchers Unravel Genome-wide Variations in the Secondary Structure of Human Genomic DNA
  120 New Mechanism Revealed for Tumor-associated Macrophages to Regulate the Fate of CD8+ T Cells
  122 Study Sheds Light on Population History of Northern East Asia
  124 New Findings Unveil a Missing Piece of Human Prehistory
  126 Scientists Discover Two New Species of Ancient, Burrowing Mammal Ancestors

--120-million-year-old animals evolved “scratch digging” traits independently

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