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No.1, 2021
  2 In This Issue
  4 World's Most Sensitive Radio Telescope Concludes 15-month Listening Session, Accepting International Proposals
  6 Water Cherenkov Detector Array at Large High-Altitude Air Shower Observatory Now in Operation
  8 VLBI: A Sharp Eye on Tianwen-1
  12 Special: Annual Top 10 Science Advances of 2020 in China – To Honor and to Inspire
  22 When Neighbors Talk with Each Other – Insight-HXMT and its identification of the sender of FRB 200428, a cosmic "telegram"
  31 Pin Down Sources for New Hepatocytes by Tracing Proliferating Cells
  34 Thoughts and Suggestions on China's Smart City Building
  40 Observation of the Zcs(3985) Strange Four-quark Meson: The first hidden-charm tetraquark state with non-zero strangeness
  42 Scientists Probe Electronic Angular Momentum to a Chemical Reaction for the First Time
  44 Novel Catalyst Boosts Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol: Higher Activity, Selectivity and Stability
  46 Recapitulating the Lung Pathophysiology of COVID-19 in a Human Organ Chip
  48 Targeting DNA-sensing Pathway may Save the Elderly from Aging-related Autoimmune Inflammation
  52 Scientists Provided and Practiced a Rational Strategy for Creating Novel Type of Rice Crop from a Wild Allotetraploid Rice
  54 Understanding the Architecture of Plant Immune System
  56 Engineering Platelets for Combined Anticancer Therapy
  58 Scientists Engineer Virus to Fight Against Bacteria
  59 Climate Change Influences Biodiversity Evolution of Birds: Study
  61 New Findings on Devonian "Platypus Fish" Cast Light on Evolution of Modern Jawed Vertebrates
  50 New Strategy to Develop an mRNA Vaccine for Durable Cancer Immunotherapy
  63 Researchers Announce World's First Dinosaur Preserved Sitting on Nest of Eggs that Includes Fossilized Babies
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