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  194 CAS Elects New Members and Foreign Members
  195 CAS Paleontologist Named L'Oréal-UNESCO Outstanding Women in Science
  196 "Wild-Type" Research Fronts as Defined by Peer Scientists
  199 Progress Report on IAP’s Project “Improving Scientific Input to Global Policymaking”
  200 Academies in Action to Improve the Role of Science in Attaining Sustainable Development Goals
206 Searching for Science-based Solutions to Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development
  213 Understanding the Void: Wukong Fuels New Hope for the Search of Particle Dark Matter
  219 Exceptionally Preserved Eggs and Embryos Reveal the Life History of a Pterosaur
  222 New Synchrotron Facility to Be Constructed in Suburban Beijing
  224 Towards a National Lab for Space Science
  226 From Bonn to Beijing: Exploring the Gravitational Wave Spectrum and Beyond
  233 Recommendations for the Development of the AI Industry in China
  238 Understanding Heavy Quarkonium and QCD
  239 China's 2.16m Telescope Helps Find Strangest Supernova
  240 Revealing Ages and Masses of A Million Stars
  241 CAS Scientists Visualize the “Annual Rings” in Human Genome
  243 New Evidence about Chicken Domestication in Northern China
  244 Mekong-Salween Divide: The Floristic Boundary in Sino-Himalaya
  245 New Species of Blue Mushroom Found in Southwest China
  246 Fossil Wood Xenoxylon Indicates a Palaeoclimatic Cooling Event in 200 Ma
  247 Biological Consequences of Climate Change on Epidemics May Be Scale-dependent
  248 Negative Impacts of Climate Change on N, C Fixation in Plants
  249 Using Planktonic Microalgae to Evaluate Marine Carbon Fixation
  250 A Portable Multi-scale Ultrasound System for Brain Detection
  252 A New Way to Prepare Shape-adaptable 3D Flexible Electronics
  253 Toward Making Better Organic Semiconductors
  254 Augmented-reality Technology Could Help Treat “Lazy Eye”
  256 Why Musical Training Benefits Us in Processing Speech
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