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excimer lasers;organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites;surface modification;trap densities

Solar Cells Reach Better Performance with Excimer Laser[May 21, 2019]

Organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells continue to attract considerable attention due to their excellent photovoltaic performance and low cost. Prof. FANG Xiaoming's study team from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science obtained better performance of perovskite solar cells (or PSCs) by excimer laser.

active galactic nuclei;AGN;

Researchers Achieve Signal Reconstruction and Probe into Active Galactic Nuclei Variability[May 21, 2019]

Dr. LU Kaixing from Yunnan Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with collaborator, found that the variability of active galactic nuclei (AGN) with different accretion rates may be caused by the same physical mechanism, and they presented a potential method to estimate the size of the broad-line region.

new family;flower;Lamiales;Wightiaceae;phylogenetic position;Cyrtandromoea;tribe;Phrymaceae

Wightiaceae: A New Plant Family in Lamiales Reported by Chinese botanists[May 21, 2019]

The Lamiales are an order in the asterid group of dicotyledonous flowering plants. As presently circumscribed, Lamiales are one of the largest angiosperm orders with about 25 families and 21,000 species. In a recent issue, Chinese botanists from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden reported a new family, Wightiaceae, which is the 26th family recognized in Lamiales.

nitrogen deposition;spatio-temporal variation

Nitrogen Deposition in China Has Stabilized over Past Decade[May 21, 2019]

Prof. YU Guirui at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research and his coauthors demonstrated a clear linkage between nitrogen deposition, speciation, and environmental and social policies. The study provides new insights for future N management and mitigation.

battery;lithium;carbon fluoride;energy density

Scientists Develop New Lithium/Carbon Fluoride Battery with High Energy Density[May 21, 2019]

A research team led by Profs. LI Xianfeng, ZHANG Huamin, and ZHANG Hongzhang from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics developed a new lithium/carbon fluoride battery with high energy density. The lithium/carbon fluoride battery had an extremely low self-discharge rate, long shelf life (more than 10 years), no electrolyte corrosion hazard and low work temperature (-40 °C).

solar cell;perovskite;power conversion efficiency

Scientists Improve Photovoltaic Performance of Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells[May 21, 2019]

A research group led by Prof. LIU Shengzhong from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics improved the photovoltaic performance of inorganic perovskite solar cells (PSCs). The results provided a basis for the regulation strategy of inorganic perovskite and promoted the development of inorganic PSCs to a certain extent.


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