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new species;north Myanmar;Aristolochia sinoburmanica;field expedition

A New Species of Aristolochia Discovered in North Myanmar[Feb 23, 2018]

During a field expedition to Putao, Kachin state, north Myanmar, researchers from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) collected an unknown species of Aristolochia. After careful studies of the genus, particularly the floral characteristics of those species in the adjacent regions, as well as comparison between this unknown species and its related species, the researchers confirmed that this species is new to science.

climate;Asian westerly jet;meteorological silk road pattern

Meteorological Silk Road Pattern May Take A Great Toll on Eurasian Climate Anomalies in North-jet Years[Feb 22, 2018]

Prof. LU Riyu and Dr. HONG Xiaowei from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics previously found that there was a significant positive relationship between the Silk Road Pattern and the north-south displacement of the Asian jet. However, in a recent study, they demonstrated that this relationship was robust only in north-jet years, and absent in south-jet years (the relationship was even negative under this condition).

nanorobot;nanomedicine;cancer microenvironment;DNA robotic system;targeted cancer therapy;tumor

Cancer-fighting Nanorobots Programmed to Seek and Destroy Tumors[Feb 13, 2018]

The researchers at Arizona State University and National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumors by cutting off their blood supply. They have developed the first fully autonomous, DNA robotic system for a very precise drug design and targeted cancer therapy.


APSOS in Tibet: Probing the Whole Atmosphere[Feb 13, 2018]

An NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) funded research facility named "Atmospheric Profiling Synthetic Observation System" (APSOS) was built at the Yangbajain (YBJ) International Cosmic Ray Observatory in Tibet, China, in late 2017. It aims to deepen our understanding on the interactions within the whole (neutral) atmosphere layers and is now in full operation.

exergy destruction;entropy production;ecosystem development;surface temperature;thermodynamics;ecosystem

Exergy Destruction, Entropy Production, Net Radiation, and Surface Temperature Are Highly Correlated in Tropical Forest[Feb 13, 2018]

The researchers at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences recently analyzed the relationship among entropy production (exergy destruction), net radiation, and canopy surface temperature based on thermodynamic laws, and verified this relationship with long-term monitoring data of Xishuangbanna tropical seasonal rain forest.

RICK;RNA binding proteins;RNA-protein;RBPs;binding protein;RNA labeling;RNA

RICK: Novel Approach to Map RNA-protein Interaction[Feb 13, 2018]

The researchers at Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health of Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a versatile method to capture the interactome of newly transcribed RNAs based on linking 5-ethynyluridine (EU)-labeled RNAs and biotin using the click reaction. They termed this method RICK and applied it to HeLa cells and mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) to identify numerous novel RBPs.


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