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water level;climate change

Research Shows Lake Water on Decline in Xinjiang[Nov 17, 2017]

A recent study on lakes and reservoirs in China’s Xinjiang by Chinese scientists shows that water level and volume are increasing in its mountainous regions but decreasing in oasis regions and desert regions.

nanotwinned metal;nanoscale twins;strain amplitude;cyclic response;metal fatigue

University Researchers Study Effects of Repeated Stress on Metals[Nov 17, 2017]

A recent University study published in Nature explored ways to prevent one of the most pertinent issues in engineering: material fatigue. In studies of specialized structures called nanotwins within metals, researchers saw reduced strain effects of repeated stress on metals. They delved into the complicated realm of materials science by observing experimental results from collaborators at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who tested the effects of stress on copper samples with nanotwin boundaries.

target skyrmion;polarity switch;focused ion beam;electron holography;nanostructure

Researchers Directly Observe Target Skyrmions and Its Polarity Switch[Nov 17, 2017]

Recently, a team led by Prof. DU Haifeng from High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHMFL) directly observed a zero-field twofold degenerate target skyrmion in a chiral magnetic nanodisk by using off-axis holography. They further show that its polarity can be switched by using an applied magnetic field.

epiphytic lichen;vertical distribution;lichen biomass;forest type;tree attributes

Lichen Biomass significantly Influenced by Forest Type and Host Attributes[Nov 17, 2017]

Researchers from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a study to examine the vertical stratification pattern of epiphytic lichens associated coniferous forests in the subtropical forests in the Ailao Mountains in Yunnan Province, SW China.

Ce-Zr oxide nanospheres;Pb(II);interference-free;wastewater

IIM Researchers Realize Selective and Sensitive Sensing Lead(II) in Wastewater[Nov 17, 2017]

Recently, a study team led by Prof. HUANG Xingjiu in Institute of Intelligent Machines (IIM), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, explored the sensitivity and selectivity sensing lead(II) using porous Ce-Zr oxide nanospheres.

Treg;IL-35;effector Treg subset;autoimmune pathogenesis;T cell;tumor therapy

Scientists Discover Functional Distinct Effector Treg Subsets[Nov 17, 2017]

In a study published online in Cell Reports, Dr. ZHOU Xuyu and his colleagues from Institute of Microbiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences generated a novel IL-35 reporter mouse (Ebi3-Dre-Thy1.1) in which the surface expression of Thy1.1 reflects intracellular IL-35 secretion. Using this transgenic mouse, they could study the function of IL-35-expressing cells in vivo by injection of the anti-Thy1.1 antibody.


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