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China Aims to Become Global Innovator[Feb 02, 2018]

China has unveiled its goal of making itself into a major global science and innovation center by the middle of the century. The country is also poised to produce a large trove of original scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge experts. The latest unveiled goals are part of China's freshly made blueprint for boosting the country's scientific research in fundamental areas such as mathematics and physics.

manned submersible;Mariana Trench

China Announces Effort to Probe Mariana Trench[Feb 02, 2018]

China has made an all-out effort to explore every frontier in science and technology, from stars in outer space to elements in an atom. Now, Chinese scientists are determined to probe the secrets of the deepest parts of oceans as they are developing a manned submersible capable of reaching the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean, the deepest trench known to man.


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