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scientific collaboration;talent;Belt and Road;exchange program

Global Exchange Program Looks to Spur Scientific Collaboration[Jan 16, 2017]

China has launched a new program to support projects that promote nongovernmental international collaborations in science and technology, with a focus on the Belt and Road Initiative, officials said on Thursday. The Strategic International Science and Technology Innovation Collaboration Program was launched on Dec 30, with specific project proposals to be submitted before mid-February.

technological cooperation;science and technology;cooperation

China Establishes Technological Cooperation with 158 Countries, Regions[Jan 16, 2017]

China has established cooperation ties in science and technology with 158 countries and regions in the world, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology Friday. The ministry said that a total of 111 intergovernmental agreements on science and technology cooperation had been signed, and the nation had taken part in more than 200 intergovernmental organizations devoted to boosting such cooperation.

ocean renewable energy;island renewable energy;maritime

China Eyes Ocean Renewable Energy Development[Jan 13, 2017]

China's maritime authority has issued a five-year plan on developing ocean renewable energy, stipulating measures to develop relevant technology and utilize island renewable energy. The plan also said basic research and innovations in key technology related to marine renewable energy will be encouraged.

remote sensing satellite;high-resolution;

China Receives Imagery from High-resolution Remote Sensing Satellites[Jan 12, 2017]

China has received images from a pair of 0.5-meter high-resolution remote sensing satellites launched in late December last year, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said Wednesday. Tourists were seen visiting the Potala Palace in Tibet Autonomous Region in the captured images.

R&D spending;spending;R&D;research and development

China's R&D Spending Estimated to Reach 2.1 Pct of GDP in 2016[Jan 11, 2017]

China's investment in research and development (R&D) is expected to reach 1.54 trillion yuan (around 223 billion U.S. dollars) in 2016, accounting for 2.1 percent of GDP, and China was a world leader in invention patent applications, ranking third place, with over one million invention patents, according to Science and Technology Minister WAN Gang.

ballpoint pen tip;ballpoint pen;innovation

China Develops Its Own Ballpoint Pen Tips[Jan 10, 2017]

China, the world's biggest manufacturer of ballpoint pens, has finally developed its own pen tips, ending a long-term reliance on imported ones. The pen tip dilemma was first brought under the spotlight by Chinese Premier LI Keqiang in January last year, and it gives a small insight into a larger problem faced by Chinese manufacturers -- weak competitiveness in core technology.


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