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Earth observation satellite;Typhoon;Maria

China's Earth Observation Satellites Monitor Typhoon Maria[Jul 13, 2018]

China has been using two of its Earth observation satellites for emergency monitoring of Typhoon Maria, which made landfall Wednesday morning in Lianjiang County, east China's Fujian Province. The satellites, Gaofen-3 and Gaofen-4, monitored the typhoon Tuesday morning and obtained satellite images and data about areas Maria passed through.

key technology;impetus

Research Gets New Impetus[Jul 11, 2018]

The State Council's decision to give greater autonomy to researchers has been widely hailed as the country seeks breakthroughs in key technologies. Researchers will be given greater control over their personnel, finance and other resources to boost enthusiasm and inject greater vitality into innovation.

innovation economy;Global Innovation Index;GII;

China Breaks into Top 20 Innovative Economies: WIPO Ranking[Jul 11, 2018]

China was among the top 20 most-innovative economies in the annual Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking published on Tuesday by Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). China climbed to 17th from 22nd place last year, according to the ranking.

Beidou;navigation satellite

China Launches New Beidou Navigation Satellite[Jul 10, 2018]

China sent a new Beidou navigation satellite into orbit on a Long March-3A rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, in the southwestern Sichuan Province, at 4:58 a.m. Tuesday. The satellite is one of the Beidou-2 family, which is the second generation of the system and will ensure the system's continuous and stable operation.

University of Hong Kong;health tech;HKU

HKU Collaborates with Guangdong University on Health Tech in Bay Area[Jul 10, 2018]

The University of Hong Kong announced Monday it has established an innovations platform in collaboration with the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University to promote bio- and health technology and translational medical research and development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

solid booster;solid-fuel;rocket

China Test-fires New Solid Booster for Next Generation Rocket[Jul 09, 2018]

China had successfully finished the first joint hot-fire test of a new solid-fuel booster engine and its servomechanism system, the manufacture said Saturday. With a diameter of two meters, the booster engine is expected to be used on China's next generation medium-sized carrier rocket.


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