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moisture-wicking fabric;ultrafast water evaporation;quick-dry;fabric

Chinese Scientists Develop New Moisture-wicking Fabric[Jan 16, 2019]

Chinese scientists have developed a new moisture-wicking fabric with ultrafast water evaporation and quick-dry performance. The research serves as a source of inspiration for the development of high-performance moisture-wicking fabric.

maritime silk road satellite data service center;satellite data;maritime silk road

China Launches Maritime Silk Road Satellite Data Service[Jan 16, 2019]

A maritime silk road satellite data service center has opened in Fuzhou, east China's Fujian Province, according to the website of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. The data service center, providing standard data products, value-added products and satellite remote sensing application system, will be widely used in areas including land, forestry, environmental protection, water resources, agriculture, disaster alleviation, weather and oceans.

cotton-seed sprout;cotton seed;biosphere;sprout;Chang'e 4;

Moon Sees First Cotton-seed Sprout[Jan 16, 2019]

One of the cotton seeds carried to the moon by China's Chang'e-4 probe is the first ever to sprout on the moon, according to scientists of a mini biosphere experiment. A canister installed on the lander of the Chang'e-4 probe contained the seeds of cotton, rapeseed, potato, and arabidopsis, as well as eggs of the fruit fly and some yeast, to form a simple mini biosphere.

Yutu-2;Jade Rabbit-2;moon's far side;luna rover

China's New Lunar Rover Faces Challenges on Moon's Far Side[Jan 15, 2019]

China's second lunar rover Yutu-2 (Jade Rabbit-2), which is the first ever rover to drive on the moon's far side, will face considerable challenges brought by complicated terrain in its future exploration. The Chang'e-4 probe, including a lander and a rover, touched down on the Von Karman Crater in the South Pole-Aitken (SPA) Basin on the far side of the moon on Jan. 3, with the rover driving onto the lunar surface late that night.

space mission;int'l cooperation

China Open to Int'l Cooperation in Future Space Missions[Jan 15, 2019]

China is open to international cooperation in its future space missions, officials from the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) said Monday at a press conference on the Chang'e-4 probe. China is willing to work with the international community to push forward the frontiers of space exploration on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, peaceful use and inclusive development.

space exploration;Chang'e-4

Interview: China Leads in Space Exploration, Says Scientist[Jan 15, 2019]

China is the global leader in space exploration, a Cuban geophysicist and science popularizer has said. Henriquez is about to release a book on China's successful space program, which highlights China's development of its own space technology, remote sensing, remote control and autonomous exploration robots.


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