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Long March;carrier rocket;satellite;space

China Launches Long March 11 Carrier Rocket to Send Six Satellites into Space[Jan 19, 2018]

China launched a Long March 11 carrier rocket on Friday to send six satellites into space, according to the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. The mission marked the first time that a Chinese solid-propellant rocket has been used to service a foreign client, the academy, which developed and built the rocket, said in a news release.

oceanographic research;climate change;marine ecological protection;marine research

China, Myanmar Launch Joint Oceanographic Research[Jan 19, 2018]

Chinese research vessel Xiang Yang Hong 03, carrying a team of scientists, arrived at Myanmar's Thilawa Port Wednesday morning to jointly conduct oceanographic research in Myanmar's waters.

flu vaccine;flu;influenza virus

American, Chinese Scientists Find New Way to Develop Flu Vaccines[Jan 19, 2018]

A team of American and Chinese scientists have found a new approach to vaccine development that may effectively prevent the seasonal flu, a new study says. Scientists from two countries used cutting-edge genomics to identify and eliminate the virus' defense mechanisms, enabling them to develop a vaccine "candidate" that in animals has been proven to be safe and highly effective against influenza.


China's Innovation Patents Surge in Number and Quality in 2017[Jan 19, 2018]

China has a number of domestically developed core technologies in telecommunications, aviation and space, high-speed railways, nuclear energy. Over the years, the quality of the patents filed in these fields has notably improved.


Flu Outbreak Spurs Vaccine R&D Effort[Jan 18, 2018]

Quadrivalent influenza vaccines provide coverage against two influenza A virus strains and two influenza B virus strains-Yamagata and Victoria-while the traditional trivalent vaccines guard against two influenza A virus strains and only one influenza B virus strain-Victoria.

scientific research ship;Dongfanghong;research ship

China Launches New Scientific Research Ship[Jan 18, 2018]

The Ocean University of China said its new deep ocean scientific research ship Dongfanghong No. 3 was launched Tuesday in Shanghai. The 103-meter-long and 18-meter-wide research ship with a tonnage of 5,800 tonnes has a maximum speed of 15 knots.


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