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deafness;hearing impairment;hearing

Chinese Researchers Find New Gene Linked to Deafness[Jul 17, 2019]

Chinese researchers have recently made a breakthrough in discovering a gene responsible for deafness, providing a target for treating hearing impairment. The study published online in Genetics in Medicine described the gene as ABCC1, which has variants associated with hearing loss and plays a key role in maintaining cochlea function.

flexible chip;chip

Two Ultra-thin Flexible Chips Released in China[Jul 16, 2019]

Thinner than hair, two ultra-thin flexible chips have been developed by Chinese researchers. The two flexible chips were introduced during the second International Conference on Flexible Electronics which was held on July 13 in Hangzhou. The conference attracted over 600 experts and scholars from home and abroad.

brain imaging;brain science

China Sets up Association to Foster Brain Imaging Technique[Jul 16, 2019]

China has set up an association for brain imaging in Beijing to further promote the development of brain science, China Science Daily reported Monday. The association was initiated by more than 50 research institutes, universities, hospitals and brain imaging equipment manufacturers.

Tiangong-2 space lab;Tiangong-2;space lab;

China's Tiangong-2 Space Lab to Re-enter Atmosphere Under Control[Jul 15, 2019]

China's Tiangong-2 space lab is planned to be controlled to leave orbit and re-enter the atmosphere on July 19 (Beijing time). Most of the spacecraft will be burnt up in the atmosphere, and a small amount of debris is expected to fall in the safe sea area in the South Pacific (160-90 degrees west longitude and 30-45 degrees south latitude).

Snow Dragon 2;Xuelong 2;polar icebreaker;Xuelong

China's First Homemade Polar Icebreaker Delivered[Jul 12, 2019]

China's first domestically built polar icebreaker "Xuelong 2," or "Snow Dragon 2," was delivered on Thursday in Shanghai. On its maiden voyage later this year, the ship will sail for Antarctica together with "Xuelong," the only Chinese icebreaker in service, in the country's 36th research mission to the region.

engraved bone;ochre incusion;animal bone;earlist bone;bone

Earliest Bone Engraving with Ochre Incisions Discovered in China[Jul 11, 2019]

Chinese archeologists have discovered two engraved bones with ochre incisions dating back 110,000 years, giving the world's earliest evidence for human beings' deliberate use of ochre engravings for symbolic purposes. The study was published by Antiquity, a peer-reviewed journal of world archaeology on Monday.


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