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medium-lift carrier rocket;superheavy rocket;space exploration

Nation's Futuristic Space Plan Aims High[Nov 20, 2017]

Chinese space scientists are developing the Long March 8 medium-lift carrier rocket and Long March 9 superheavy rocket, and will design a series of futuristic vehicles to allow space tourism, exploitation of asteroid resources and space-based solar power stations.

Gordon Bell Prize;Sunway Taihulight;supercomputer

Chinese Researchers Win "Nobel Prize" of Supercomputing Application[Nov 20, 2017]

A Chinese team using the world's fastest supercomputer to simulate a devastating earthquake won the 2017 ACM Gordon Bell Prize on Thursday. The award was presented at the 2017 Supercomputing Conference in Denver in the U.S. state of Colorado. The team's software included innovations that achieved greater efficiency than had been previously attained running similar programs on the Titan and TaihuLight supercomputers.

climate lab;climate change;weather forecasting;disaster prediction

China, U.S. Researchers Team up on Climate Lab[Nov 17, 2017]

Top research institutions in China and the United States announced on Thursday that they will build an international laboratory to more accurately measure and predict global climate change. The International Laboratory for High-Resolution Earth System Prediction will concentrate on simulations to provide reliable data at both regional and global levels, and is expected to enhance extreme weather forecasting and disaster prediction for the benefit of stakeholders and policymakers.

climate change;meteorological satellite

China Making Good Use of Science and Technology to Tackle Climate Change[Nov 17, 2017]

China has launched a new meteorological satellite to monitor carbon emissions, one of a slew of measures made by the country to combat climate change. The satellite launched Wednesday, Fengyun-3D, will work in tandem with Fengyun-3C, already in orbit, improving atmospheric sounding and monitoring greenhouse gases.

combustible ice;natural gas hydrate;clean energy

China Lists Combustible Ice As New Mineral Variety[Nov 17, 2017]

China has approved listing natural gas hydrate, or combustible ice, as the country's 173rd mineral variety, a move that will speed up the exploitation of the clean energy source. China completed a 60-day trial of combustible ice mining starting in May 2017 in the South China Sea, setting world records in both the length and total amount of extraction, according to the China Geological Survey Bureau.

high-tech fair;CHTF;high-tech

High Tech Fair Kicks off in Shenzhen Thursday[Nov 16, 2017]

The 19th China High-tech Fair (CHTF) will kick off in Shenzhen on Thursday, as enterprises and organizations from all across the world gather to showcase their latest technological achievements and seek business opportunities. This year's event, themed, Innovation-driven Development & Supply Quality Upgrade, has attracted 3,049 exhibitors worldwide, who will bring 10,020 projects.


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