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exascale computing machine;Sunway exascale computer prototype;exascale supercomputer

China Launches Exascale Supercomputer Prototype[Aug 07, 2018]

China on Sunday put into operation a prototype exascale computing machine, the next-generation supercomputer. The Sunway exascale computer prototype was developed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology, the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province, and the Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology.

electronic skin;wearable electronic device

Chinese Scientists Develop Tattoo-like Electronic Skin[Aug 06, 2018]

Chinese scientists have developed a graphene-based tattoo-like electronic skin, which could function as a wearable electronic device to monitor health. The electronic skin exhibits high sensitivity and long-term stability. It can withstand higher temperatures and is comfortable to wear.

gravitational wave simulator;gravitational wave;Sun Yat-sen University

Chinese University to Construct Space Wave Simulator[Aug 02, 2018]

Sun Yat-sen University in South China's Guangdong Province plans to build a gravitational wave simulator at its Shenzhen campus. Once complete, the installation will simulate a complex space environment to a high precision to provide solutions and support for investigating obstacles in space.

Yihao;Ocean No 1;research vessel

Research Ship Leaves on Scientific Mission[Aug 01, 2018]

Research vessel Dayang Yihao, or Ocean No 1, departed its home port in Qingdao, Shandong Province, on Tuesday and embarked on a 100-day scientific ocean expedition. The research vessel will head for areas of seamounts-underwater mountains-in the western Pacific Ocean to investigate resources and the environment. Eighty-seven scientists and technicians from domestic universities and research institutions and 30 crew members are aboard.

Gaofen-11;Gaofen;observation satellite

China Launches High-resolution Earth Observation Satellite[Aug 01, 2018]

China on Tuesday launched Gaofen-11, an optical remote sensing satellite, as part of the country's high-resolution Earth observation project. The satellite can be used for land survey, urban planning, road network design, agriculture, and disaster relief. Its data will also be used for the Belt and Road Initiative.

preliminary vaccine;nanoparticle vaccine;influenza virus

American, Chinese Scientists Develop A Preliminary Universal Vaccine[Jul 31, 2018]

American and Chinese scientists developed a new nanoparticle vaccine that could effectively protect mice against influenza A virus. The double-layered vaccine made with peptides showed strong potential for combating influenza viruses, providing a promising approach for developing universal influenza vaccines.


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