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dinosaur-era amber;fossilized snail;snail;amber

Scientists Find Snail in Dinosaur-era Amber[Oct 15, 2018]

An international team of paleontologists announced Friday in Beijing their discovery of a fossilized snail in a piece of amber dating back around 100 million years. The snail in amber was found at Hukawng Valley in northern Myanmar, an area rich in amber fossil discoveries. Amber can contain different kinds of soft tissues, providing valuable palaeontological information.


CASC Helps Nation Reach for the Stars[Oct 12, 2018]

The success of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC) in the global space arena during the past four decades is rich testimony to the success of China's reform and opening-up policy since late 1978.

smart public transport system;new-energy;automatic drive;mobile internet;vehicle

Chinese Universities to Develop Smart Public Transport System: Report[Oct 12, 2018]

Hunan University in central China has launched an innovation initiative to develop a smart urban public transport system. The initiative features technologies such as automatic drive, mobile internet and new-energy vehicles. The program is also joined by Tongji University in Shanghai and Tsinghua University in Beijing.

human genetic resources;genome; organs;tissue;cell;blood

China to Improve Management on Human Genetic Resources[Oct 12, 2018]

China will set up a new set of regulations on human genetic resources to further protect its national biosafety. The decision was announced at a forum on human genetic resources development and innovation held Wednesday in Beijing. It gathered scholars from government organizations, research institutions and universities.

harvest;seawater rice;yield

Three Harvests Step toward Commercial Use for Seawater Rice[Oct 11, 2018]

Three experimental fields of seawater rice were harvested in China on Wednesday, a further step toward its future commercial viability. Also known as saline-alkali tolerant rice, seawater rice is designed to grow in tidal flats or other areas with heavy salt content and has been developed by plant-breeding experts through crossbreeding and other technologies.

genome;medicines;health management; population

Country's Largest Genome Project Proves Its Value[Oct 11, 2018]

A genome study of more than 140,000 people has greatly expanded China's knowledge of its vast population and ethnic groups. The largest of its kind for the Chinese population to date, the study was conducted by Shenzhen-based Beijing Genomics Institute and published in the international academic journal Cell on Oct. 4.


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