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satellite system;global satellite system;Kuilong

Planned Global Satellite System to Allow 'Unparalleled' Accuracy[Dec 07, 2018]

China will soon start building a space-based positioning and navigation system designed to provide unparalleled accuracy to users around the world. The Kuilong system will link China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System with the Hongyan Satellite Constellation, on which construction will soon begin.

academic integrity;professionalism;scientific spirit

LI Urges Ethical Approach to Research[Dec 07, 2018]

Premier LI Keqiang urged scientists and research institutes to exercise more integrity and professionalism and to achieve excellence. Misconduct, he said, including ethical violations, should be seriously investigated and punished. LI also encouraged the promotion of a scientific spirit, urged research professionals to concentrate on their studies and called for more opportunities for young people to develop their talents.

human brain;

Chinese Scientists Aim for World's Most Detailed 3D Map of Human Brain[Dec 07, 2018]

We can observe billions of stars and detect ripples in space, but we still barely understand our brains, which can fathom the universe. Now Chinese scientists are planning to draw the clearest yet three-dimensional map of the intricate neurons and blood vessels in the human brain. This ambitious project is like taking 3D photos of a huge forest of nearly 100 billion trees, seeing not only the whole forest, but also every twig and leaf on each tree.

brain tumor;DNA sequencing

Researchers Develop DNA Sequencing-based Method to Detect Brain Tumor[Dec 06, 2018]

A Chinese-led research team has made a breakthrough in the detection of brain tumors by using sequencing of patients' tumor-deprived DNA. They found that sequencing of circulating tumor DNA, or tumor-derived genes, from the brain fluid, could help gain tumor genetic information and track tumor progression.

global frontiers of engineering science and technology;Chinese Academy of Engineering;Engineering Fronts;engineering

China Releases Report on Global Engineering Frontiers[Dec 06, 2018]

The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) released a report on the global frontiers of engineering science and technology Tuesday in Beijing. The report analyzes pioneering engineering science and technologies on a global perspective. It is based on existing engineering scientific papers and patents.

brain cancer;mutational mechanism;lower-grade glioma;sGBM;PLB-1001;brain tumor

Hong Kong Scientists Discover Deadly Brain Cancer Mutation Route[Dec 04, 2018]

The mutational mechanism of a rare and deadly brain cancer has been uncovered by scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, providing new therapeutic lead to the disease. The findings were published in scientific journal Cell on Nov 29.


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