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expanded potential stem cell;EPSC;embryonic development;stem cell

Hong Kong Researchers Discover New Stem Cells Offering New Avenue for Biotechnology Study[Jun 06, 2019]

A research team led by the University of Hong Kong derived expanded potential stem cells (EPSC) from pig and human, offering new avenue for the study of embryonic development, regenerative medicine and biotechnology. The findings were published in Nature Cell Biology.

offshore rocket;mobile launch platform;Yello Sea;experiment satellite

China Completes First Offshore Rocket Launch[Jun 06, 2019]

China successfully launched a rocket from a mobile launch platform in the Yellow Sea off Shandong Province on Wednesday, sending two technology experiment satellites and five commercial satellites into space. It is China's first space launch from a sea-based platform and the 306th mission of the Long March carrier rocket series.

hereditary disease;embryo

Embryo Researchers Make Promising Discovery That Could Lead to Disease Prevention[Jun 05, 2019]

Shanghai researchers have discovered a method to detect and correct abnormalities in nonhuman mammal eggs to prevent certain hereditary diseases in offspring. A paper about the team's four years of research was published in the United States-based Journal of PNAS.

female reproduction;uterus;stem cell;

Study Finds Stem Cells, Gene Regulating Key Process in Female Reproduction[Jun 05, 2019]

An international study has identified stem cells and a gene that is responsible for menstruation. The uterus sheds and regenerates the tissue lining its walls, preparing for a pregnancy or the next cycle. Researchers from Yale University in the United States, Central South University in China and other research institutions studied the related mechanism in mice.

genome sequencing;food crop;wheat cultivation

Chinese Scientists Complete Whole Genome Sequencing of Ancient Wheat Seeds[Jun 04, 2019]

Chinese scientists have sequenced the whole genome of 3,800-year-old wheat seeds unearthed from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, decoding the food crop's spreading route into China. The research provided detailed information on the origin, dispersal and genetic improvement for the cultivation of present-day wheat.

Sci-Tech cooperation;China-Germany;S&T cooperation

China-Germany Sci-Tech Cooperation to Bring More Opportunities[Jun 03, 2019]

Science and technology (S&T) cooperation has been a highlight of ties between China and Germany, and is expected to bring more opportunities to both sides. Over 700 intergovernmental research and development programs, couples of joint labs and research centers, among others, have been supported since the mechanism was established in 1978.


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