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Antarctic seabed;3D topographic map;seabed;Antarctic

China Draws Digital 3D Topographic Map of Antarctic Seabed[Apr 17, 2017]

Chinese scientists have created a three-dimensional, digital topographic map of the Antarctic seabed using data collected during a recent expedition. The map was made on the expedition in Antarctica using multi-beam sonar. With 80 gigabytes of data, the researchers were able to compile a high-definition map that can be used in Antarctic research or for navigation.

robotic fish;robotic;underwater

Chinese Scientists Build Soft Robotic Fish[Apr 13, 2017]

Chinese scientists from eastern China's Zhejiang Province have created a soft robotic fish with no motor and a fast speed. The 9.3-centimeter-long fish weighs 90 grams and has an electric controller at the core, fins made of silicone, and a silicone body and tail. The findings were published in the academic journal Scientific Advances earlier this month.

communication satellite;Shijian-13

China Launches 1st High-throughput Communications Satellite[Apr 13, 2017]

A Chinese satellite will not only enable passengers of high-speed trains to watch high-definition videos more smoothly but also help those at the scene of natural disasters report emergencies. Shijian-13, China's first high-throughput communications satellite, was launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province at 7:04 p.m. Wednesday.


Beijing Sets up Innovation Center to Accelerate Graphene Industrialization[Apr 12, 2017]

A graphene industry innovation center was established Tuesday in Beijing, aiming to become a world-class graphene composite technology research and industrial incubator hub. This center will take the advantage of Beijing's innovative resources to research and develop cutting-edge new materials. It hopes to speed up the transformation of scientific research achievements and enhance the graphene industry.

Antarctic airfield;Antarctic expedition;Antarctic

Nation's First Antarctic Airfield May See Building Begin by 2018[Apr 12, 2017]

Progress continues on China's first airfield in Antarctica, with site selection and a survey completed and plans set for construction to begin as early as year's end. The airfield, near China's Zhongshan Station, will be able to handle fixed-wing aircraft. Specialists from the nation's 33rd Antarctic expedition recently surveyed a 3-square-kilometer area selected for the airfield.

viral invasion;antiviral;host defense

Chinese Researchers Reveal How Cells Prevent Viral Invasion[Apr 11, 2017]

These viruses can bypass the body's anti-viral defence mechanism in a variety of ways. A research team from Zhejiang University discovered that cellular nutrient and density status regulate antiviral host defence. The research result was published online in journal Nature Cell Biology.


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