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  193 Contents
  194 CAS President Re-elected as President of TWAS
  195 Environmental Changes on the Tibetan Plateau: Evaluation and Prediction
  197 From Artemisinin to Antimalarial Drugs: A Role Model of Scientific Collaboration — An Interview with Academician CHEN Kaixian on China’s First Nobel Prize in Sciences
  204 The Thirty Meter Telescope’s Dilemma in China
  209 Tracking the Voice of Dark Matter in Space
  211 Achieving Ambitions in Space Science: Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches — An Interview with Prof. Roger-Maurice Bonnet
  222 For a Healthier and Wealthier Developing World
  230 Trace Metals in PM2.5: A Story beyond Border
  235 Quantum Key Distribution without Signal Disturbance Monitoring
  236 Revealing the Atomic Site-Dependent g-Factor within a Single Magnetic Molecule
  238 Tree Rings Tell Moisture Variability on Tibetan Plateau
  239 Scientists Use Palaeobotanical Evidence to Estimate Early Miocene Elevation in Northern Tibet
  241 “Artificial Sperms” Induced from Mice Oocytes
  243 Long-tongued Fly for Pollinating Long Corolla-tubed Alpine Ginger
  244 Honey Bee Foragers Reduce Starvation Risk by Carrying More Food
  245 Oldest Peach Fossil Found in Yunnan
  247 China Produces World’s First Gene-Edited Dogs Using CRISPR/Cas9 System
  248 Agroforestry Suggestions Based on Climatic Modeling
  249 The Evolution of Stinging Hairs and Other Characters in Nettle Family
  250 Inhibiting Human Copper Transfer and Tumor Growth
  251 Earliest Modern Humans in Southern China Recast History of Early Human Migration
  253 Smart Nanomedicine for On-demand Drug Release and Synergistic Antitumor Therapy
  254 Gait Recorded by Smart Phone Can Reveal Your Emotion
  255 Are Relatives of Depression Patients More Prone to the Disease?
  256 A Novel Material for Oil-water Separation
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