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130  A Proposal for Responsible Conduct of GM Technology Research and Development
133  InBrief
139  Science Supports Low Carbon Development
140  Tracking down China's Haze Pollution
145  China Gears up for Carbon Research and Management
148  “Everybody has a Role to Play in Curbing Carbon Emissions” — An Interview with Prof. Corinne Le Quéré
151  Microbial Carbon Sequestration in the Ocean: The Big Role of Small Bugs in Mitigating Global Climate Change —An Interview with Prof. JIAO Nianzhi
154  Future Carbon Research: Monitoring Regional Emissions and Developing Sequestration Strategies —An Interview with Prof. ZENG Ning
157  Addressing Sustainability via AI - Report from the 23rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
166  CAS,TWAS Join Hands in Developing Centers of Excellence to Promote Science in the Developing World
168  New Explanation for Evaporation Paradox — Latest Results from Pan Evaporation Research in Arid Region of Northwest China
170  Weakened Siberian High a Most Important Reason for Sharper Temperature Rise in Arid Northwestern China
172  Physicochemical Studies of Water and Their Application in Environmental Protection and New Energy Development
176  Research on Novel Light-Element Nanostructures
178  UV Raman Spectroscopic Studies on Catalytic Materials
180  High Order Multiphoton Upconversion Processes and Intense Ultraviolet Upconversion Luminescence under NIR Excitation
182  Genetic Basis of Unique Dual Modes of Unisexual and Sexual Reproduction in Gibel Carp
184  Thinning and Accretion of Deep Lithosphere in North China Block
186  Benefits and Costs of Uniqueness in Multiple Object Tracking - The Role of Object Complexity
187  Quantitative Measurement of the Intrinsic Electric Fields in Ionic Liquids Using VSE Spectroscopy and MD Simulation
188  Major Progress on Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
189  Multifunctional Bracts Enhance Plant Reproductive Fitness in Alpine Areas of Himalayas
190  How a Hive Regulates the Accumulation of Toxic Honey?
191  Gravity Data Shows Water Storage Increase in North America and Scandinavia
192  Potentially More Effective Nanodrugs for Pancreatic Cancer Discovered
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