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No.3, 2019
  130 In This Issue
  133 InBrief
  137 Micius Experiment Disproves a Model to Bridge Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity
  140 A Tiny Mark on RNA Promotes Tumor Growth and Aggressiveness
  145 Molecular Architecture of Lineage Allocation Tells How Cells Differentiate in Early Embryonic Development
  150 Monkey Embryos Grown in Dishes Open a New Window on Human Embryonic Development
  153 Roadblock to Mammalian Cell Entry of Baculovirus
  157 On the Supernova-remnant Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays
  164 Dark Matter Particle Detection and LHAASO Experiment
  168 Prospects on Testing Lorentz Invariance Violation with LHAASO Observations
  175 New Cuprate Superconductor May Challenge the Classical Wisdom
  177 Tuning Electron Pathways and Giant Magnetoresistance in a Single-molecule Device
  180 20-qubit Schroedinger Cat States with Superconducting Quantum Processor
  182 Predictive Model Reveals How Hydrogen Is Trapped in Bubbles in Metals
  183 Searching the Predecessor of the Merging Galaxy
  185 RNA 5-Methylcytosine Facilitates the Maternal-to- Zygotic Transition by Preventing Maternal mRNA Decay
  187 Scientists Repurposing FDA-Approved Drugs to Fight against Viruses
  189 Researchers Construct a Genome-wide Map of Adaptive Genetic Variants of Tibetan Highlanders
  191 Quantitative Analysis of Early Cretaceous Paraves Shows a Recent Origin for the Kinetic Skulls behind the Success of Modern Birds
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