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No.1, 2022
  2 In This Issue
  5 Special - Annual Top 10 Science Advances of 2021 in China -- Glory moments flash back
  16 To Secure a Safe and Effective Flight - An Interview with Dr. ZHANG Chen, PI of WXT mirror assembly for EP
  21 A New Interdisciplinary Science Plan for Urban Health and Wellbeing in an Age of Increasing Complexity
  27 Science as a Global Public Good - The position of the International Science Council
  40 A Synthesis of Energy Transition Policies in Finland and China
  45 Discovery of Quantum Phase Transition in Pressurized Cuprate Superconductors
  47 Common Scaling of the Strange-metal Scattering in Unconventional Superconductors Unveiled by Advanced High-throughput Techniques
  50 N-alkanes Proved as a Novel Cooling Material, Green and Safe
  52 New Strategy Enables Successive Cleavage and Functionalization of C–C Bonds in Alcohols
  54 Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Helps Protect Against Predator Attack: Study
  56 Researchers Reveal New Epigenetic Suppressors and Potential Therapeutic Modality for Lung Cancer
  58 Tumor-Microenvironment-Responsive Biodegradable Nanoagents Toward Precise Cancer Therapy
  60 World's First Pilot Project Producing Gasoline from CO2 Hydrogenation Completes Trial Operation
  61 First Fossil of a Daytime Active Owl Found at the Edge of the Tibetan Plateau
  63 Study Reveals Human Lifestyle in East Asia 40,000 Years Ago
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