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No.2, 2020
  66 In This Issue
  69 InBrief
  71 InFocus - Flying to Mars
  74 People - Promoting Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Cooperation in Space Science in Face of COVID-19
  78 Special - Neutralizing Antibodies Block COVID-19 Virus Binding to Its Receptor ACE2
  81 Special - Targeting COVID-19, MERS, and SARS with a Universal Vaccine Strategy
  84 Highlights - Constructing a Genomic Map for All Soybeans
  87 Highlights - Engineering Native Proteins into Covalent Drugs
  92 Perspective - Fighting against COVID-19 -- Experience from China's Practice
  95 ThinkTank Report - Recommendations to Address Structural Problems in China’s Basic Research
  102 Progress in Superconducting Quantum Computation -- Quantum Simulation of Dynamical Phase Transitions
  104 Quantum Phases of SrCu2(BO3)2 from High-Pressure Thermodynamics
  106 Confinement Leads to Spatially Oscillatory Collective Motion of Chiral Active Matter
  108 CAS Astronomers Find Chromospheric Apparent Fan-shaped Jets Nearby Sunspots
  110 Supermassive Binary Black Hole Hunter -- SKA Pulsar Timing Array
  111 Black Hole's Heart Still Beating
  113 BESIII Reports the Most Precise Measurements of Strong-phase Parameters in D->KS/Lπ+π-
  115 Single Chromium Atoms for Direct Methane Conversion
  116 Distinct Processing of lncRNAs Contributes to Non-conserved Functions in Stem Cells
  118 Using Morphology and Phylogeny to Characterize and Classify Fungi -- Fungal Diversity Notes
  120 Rice Genetically Engineered to Stand Heat Stress is also More Productive
  122 New Cytosine Base Editors with High Specificity and Precision
  124 How Birds Survived the Cretaceous Mass Extinction -- Secret Hidden within Their Tiny Teeth
  126 Ancient DNA Unveils Important Missing Piece of Human History New Ancient Genomic Research Reveals Information about Human history in China
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