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No.2, 2019
  66 In This Issue
  69 Starting with Basic Research, CAS and Leopoldina Vow to Promote Science for Future
  72 China Emphasizes International Cooperation in Future Lunar and Deep Space Exploration
  80 Seeing through the Cosmic Ripples — Embrace the Era of Multi-messenger Astronomy
  87 Cold Atoms Identified as Inflows Fueling Quasar Black Hole Accretion Disks
  91 Circular RNAs Found Curbing Overreaction of Antiviral Factor Connected to Lupus
  96 Enterovirus B Sneaks into Victim Cells through Accomplice Receptors
  101 Root Chemicals Help Plants Shaping Soil Microbes
  103 Coherent Resonant Tunneling through Double Metallic Quantum Well States
  105 Emmy Noether Looks at the Deconfined Quantum Critical Point
  107 Monte Carlo Study Reveals the Parent State of Quantum Phases
  109 Scientists Develop High-Safety and Scalable Micro-Batteries
  110 Artificial Biohybrid Nanosystem for ATP Production
  111 DNA Base Editing Induces Substantial Off-target RNA Mutations and Their Elimination by Mutagenesis
  113 Harvest Synchronous Baby Cells from Microfluidic Channels
  115 DNA Probe Specifically Binding Protein Heterodimer Rather Than Monomers
  117 Scientists Provide A New Option for Anti-Leukemia Therapy
  119 Combatting Zika Virus through Enhancing RNAi
  121 Survival Tricks for Living under Deep-Sea Pressure
  123 Coastal Organisms Trapped in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber
  125 A New Middle Pleistocene Human Skull Found in China Reveals the Variation and Continuity in Early Asian Humans
  126 New Jurassic Non-avian Theropod Dinosaur Sheds Light on Origin of Flight in Dinosauria
  128 New Species of Lizard Found in Stomach of Microraptor
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