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  130 CAS Eyes Multiple S&T Breakthroughs in Next Five Years
  131 Construction Finishes on World's Largest Single Dish Radio Telescope
  132 Debate over Chinese Supercollider Goes Open
  133 China Joins Hunt for Cosmic Rays
  134 China's High Energy Experiment Goes Into Space – An Interview with ZHANG Shuangnan, Principal Investigator of the Hard X-ray
  145 From Bern to Beijing Cultivating Collaboration for the Excellence of Space Science – At the Third Anniversary of the International Space Science Institute - Beijing
  151 Micius Heralds an Era of Quantum Communications
  155 New Finds in China Suggesting Different Story of Human Evolutionary History
  161 Digital Earth Embracing the Era of Big Data
  165 Ultra-fast X-ray Lasers Illuminate Elusive Atomic Spins
  167 Memory Effect Unveils the Correlation between Boson Peak and Structural Relaxation
  169 Morphed Graphene of BCO-C16 A Novel Topological Node-Line Semimetal
  171 This Old Hippo Has a New Trick – New Regulatory Mode of Hippo-YAP Pathway Inspires Unconventional Cancer Therapy
  173 Bamboo Shoot Fiber Prevents Obesity by Modulating Gut Microbiota, Scientists Say
  174 A New Species of Araceae Found in Yunnan
  175 Biodiversity Hotspots More at Risk of Alien Invasion, Study Finds
  176 Mitogenomic Analyses Reveal Origin of Tibetan Loaches and their Adaptation to High Altitude
  177 Mechanism of YTHDF2-mediated Degradation of M6Acontaining RNAs
  178 Identification of Endothelial Stem Cells and a New Source of Pericytes
  180 Reconstruction of Genetic Origins and Population History of Tibetan Highlanders
  182 Understanding Groundwater Salinization in Coastal Aquifers of North China
  183 Novel Genome Editing Platform for Industrial Oleaginous Microalgae
  184 A Novel Battery Design to Make Dual-Ion Battery Efficient
  185 New Radiomics Model Helps Better Predict Cancer
  186 Scientists Reveal Impact of Solar Activity on 201516 El Nino Event
  188 Elephantiformes without Ivories – A Weird Combination of Deinotherium and Platybelodon
  190 World's First Herbivorous Filter-feeding Marine Reptile
  192 Older Adults Use Brain Regions Involved in Speaking to Compensate for Bad Hearing
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