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Intelligent Water Device to Help Desert Prevention

May 22, 2018     Email"> PrintText Size

Chinese scientists are building a water balance simulator to assist in prevention and control of desertification.

The automatic device was developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Shapotou Desert research and experiment station.

The device has the ability to simulate precipitation and control groundwater. It can simulate the rainfall of climatic zones in north China's sandy areas, track changes of water content in the soil and track the growth of the plants.

North China has about 1.7 million square kilometers of sandy areas, the country's most environmentally fragile regions, head of the Shapotou station Li Xinrong said.

Water content plays an important role in vegetation restoration and growth in sand areas, Li said. Quantitative assessment of water balance helps vegetation growth.

The device will provide theoretical and technical support for the restoration of the ecosystem. (Xinhua)


(Editor: CHEN Na)



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