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Chinese Study on Quantum Communication Wins Newcomb Cleveland Prize

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[video:20190202-Spooky action at a distance]
(Editor: CHEN Na)



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China's quantum satellite "Micius" has allowed scientists to achieve quantum key distribution between China and Austria, laying a foundation for building a global quantum-secured communication network.

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Real-world Intercontinental Quantum Communications Enabled by Micius Satellite

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A joint China-Austria team has performed quantum key distribution between multiple ground stations located in Xinglong, Nanshan, and Graz. Such experiments demonstrate the secure satellite-to-ground exchange of cryptographic keys with ~kHz rate during...

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The 2017 Nature’s 10 – Father of Quantum, PAN Jianwei

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The 2017 Nature’s 10 – Nature’s annual list of ten people who mattered in science in the past year – appears in the journal this week. Chinese physicist Pan Jianwei helped his country to the forefront of long-distance, ultra-secure quantum communic...

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