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China Makes New Breakthrough in Quantum Computation

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[video:20160825-China makes new breakthrough in quantum computation]

China has made a new breakthrough in the field of quantum computation. For the first time ever, Chinese researchers have prepared and measured six hundred pails of entangled quantum.

Professor Yuan Zhensheng, from the University of Science and Technology of China, explains more on the subject of entangled quantum.

"People are capable of generating atoms in the world. However, we have not answered the questions on how to generate entangled pairs, how to control the entangled pairs by quantum and how to measure them. However, we are the first in the world to answer these questions," he said.

Entanglement is an important characteristic of quantum. A pair of entangled quantum are like a set of twins. They are able to maintain connection even though they are far away from each other. It has been a problem however of how to measure thousands of entangled quantum. The researching team says they will try to explore more complex connections between pairs of entangled quantum.


(Editor: CHEN Na)



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