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'Wukong' Completes in-orbit Testing

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[video:20160319-'Wukong' completes in-orbit testing]

China’s first dark matter detection satellite "Wukong" has completed its in-orbit testing. The satellite was launched last December by a Long March rocket.

"Wukong" has detected 460 million high energy particles, and sent about 2.4 terabytes of raw data back to Earth in its 92-day flight. The major parts of the satellite functioned satisfactorily, and it completed all set tests.  All its technical indicators reached or exceeded expectations.

"Wukong" is designed for a three-year mission. It will scan space in all directions in the first two years, and then focus on areas where dark matter is most likely to be observed in the third. "Wukong" was handed over to the Purple Mountain Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Thursday. Scientists will publish details of the satellite’s initial findings before the end of the year.


(Editor: CHEN Na)



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