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No.2, 2022
  66 In This Issue
  69 InBrief
  75 "Immature" Avalanche of Nebular Particles Possible in Star Formation, Finds FAST
  78 Confining the Bouncing Electrons to Get Better Catalysts
  81 Machine Learning Pins Down Novel Antimicrobial Peptides
  83 Grinding Prime Editors into Powerful Tools for Plant Genome Editing
  86 Engineering Bacteria into Oral Tumor Vaccines
  88 Groundbreaking Research Sheds Light on Organ Regeneration
  89 Oocyte Enzyme Reprograms Sperm-derived DNA for Healthy Offspring
  91 Trajectory Tracking of COVID-19 Epidemic Risk Using Self-organizing Feature Map
  101 Key Challenges to China's Graphene Industry and Recommended Strategies to Tackle Them
  106 Polarized Neutron Scattering Reveals Preferred Spin Excitations in the Bilayer Iron-Based Superconductor CaK(Fe0.96Ni0.04)4As4
  108 Scientists Discover a New Class of Unconventional Materials
  110 Revealing the Pairing Nature by Topology in Iron-based Superconductors
  111 Hybrid Electro-biosystem Upcycles Carbon Dioxide into Energy-rich Long-chain Compounds
  113 Researchers Add New Member to Carbon Material Family, A Two-dimensional Monolayer Polymeric Fullerene
  114 New Approach for Efficient Synthesis of Complex Glycopeptides in Liquid Phase
  116 Structural and Functional Studies of Adhesion Receptors Disclose Intrinsic Activation Mechanism of Orphan GPCRs
  118 Gene Interaction That Contributes to Rice Heat Tolerance Identified
  120 Researchers Develop New Strategy for Genetically Engineering Stem Cells
  122 Cofactor Engineering Drives Natural Product Synthesis
  123 Women Are More Susceptible to Alzheimer's Disease - New Evidence
  124 Strange Fossil Solves Giraffe Evolutionary Mystery
  127 Chinese Fossils Show Human Middle Ear Evolved from Fish Gills
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