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No.1, 2019
  2 CAS at a Glance
  4 CAS Announces Winners of Award for International Scientific Cooperation 2018
  6 Seeing a Black Hole: a Global Effort
  12 Get to Know CAS Research through the Lens of the “Annual Top 10 Science Advances” of 2018
  14 The Rise of Cloned Monkeys for Biomedical Studies
  16 All Eggs in One Basket: Creation of Functional Single-chromosome Yeast
  18 Starving Tumor to Death by DNA Nanorobots
  20 Hunting for Dark Matter: The First Direct Detection of a Break in the Teraelectronvolt Cosmic-ray Spectrum of Electrons and Positrons
  23 Witness Intracellular Events with a New Imaging Tool
  25 Have It Both: Enhancing Nitrogen Response in Rice
  27 New Story of “Out of Africa": Human Occupation on
  29 Look on the Bright Side of Fever
  31 DNA Origami: Folding DNA into Shape and Function
  36 Dark Matter: Astrophysical Evidence and Constraints
  43 Detection of Dark Matter Particles and Progress
  49 Indirect Detection of Dark Matter Particles in Space
  54 High-power Lasers Drive Terahertz Pulse Energy to a Record High in Laboratory
  55 New Approach towards All-electrical Manipulation of Magnetization Switching and Information Writing via Spin-orbit Torque
  57 Gene-edited Disease Monkeys Cloned at CAS
  58 GOTI Makes Off-Target Nowhere to Hide
  60 Lung Microbiota Promotes Pulmonary Fibrosis through Driving Interleukin-17B Production
  61 Dental Study of Juvenile Archaic Homo Fossil Gives Clues about Human Development
  63 New Cretaceous Fossil Sheds Light on Avian Reproduction
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