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  2 The President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI): CAS Rolls Out the Red Carpet
  4 Speech on the PIFI Scheme and Experiences of Living in China
  6 CAS Dominates China’s Annual Top 10 Science Advances 2016
  14 The CAS Award for International Scientific Cooperation (2007-2016): Happy Tenth Anniversary
  16 Open, Fair and Well Managed Environment Key to Research Excellence in China — An Interview with Dr. CHEN Deliang, Winner of the 2016 CAS Award for International Scientific Cooperation
  23 “Plan a Future of Science That Is Best for China” — An Interview with Dr. Earl Ward Plummer, Winner of the 2016 CAS Award for International Scientific Cooperation
  27 My Story with CAS: From Africa, Europe, to China
  32 New Gravitational Lenses for Dark Matter Research
  34 New Measurements Suggest "Antineutrino Anomaly" Fueled by Modeling Error
  36 New Vector Particles Observed at BESIII
  37 A New Form of Interaction-Induced Dirac Cones Discovered in Silicene/Ag(111) System
  39 Inverse Edelstein Effect Observed in Rashba-split 2DEG at Complex Oxide Interfaces at Room Temperature
  41 Amplitude (Higgs) Mode in a Three-dimensional Dimerized Antiferromagnet
  43 Oak Evolution in Response to the Uplift of Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains
  44 Scientists Draw Distribution Map of Grey Wolves in China
  45 Frog Study Points to New “Out of Asia” Hypothesis
  46 Monkeys that Use Mirrors
  47 Zika Virus Infections Can Lead to Male Infertility in Mice
  48 Molecular Determinants of Human Neutralizing Antibodies Isolated from a Zika Patient
  50 New Computational Drug Design Method Integrates Protein- Protein Interaction Prediction and Molecular Docking
  52 New Study Provides Solid Evidence for Global Warming
  54 Unveiling the Mystery of Persistent Haze Pollution
  55 Research Sheds New Light on China’s Water Pollution Crisis
  57 An Exceptionally Preserved Fossil Fish from the Silurian of China Illuminates Jaw Evolution
  59 New Crania from China Suggest Human Evolution Probably of Regional Continuity
  61 Courtship Behaviour Trapped in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber
  63 Performing Actions Can Enhance Associative Memory
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