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"Second Glacier Inventory of China Dataset" Is Released[Dec 16, 2014]

The Second Glacier Inventory of China (SGI-China) was formally released by the Cold and Arid Region Environmental and Engineering Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAREERI) in Beijing on Dec. 13. It updates an earlier inventory completed in 2002.

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China Exclusive: Countdown to China's New Space Programs Begins[Dec 09, 2014]

China hopes to put a rover on Mars around 2020, complete a manned space station around 2022 and test a heavy carrier rocket around 2030, a top space scientist revealed Sunday. Lei Fanpei, chairman of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the main contractor for the space program, revealed the details in an interview with Xinhua after the launch of CBERS-4, a satellite jointly developed with Brazil, from the Taiyuan base, by a Long March-4B rocket.

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China Gears up for Lunar Mission after Round-trip Success[Nov 03, 2014]

The head of China's lunar probe program has called for a thorough analysis of data collected from the test lunar orbiter, which returned Saturday, to speed up work on Chang'e-5, the star of the 2017 lunar mission. With the test lunar orbiter landing early Saturday in north China after an eight-day flight, China joined the Soviet Union and the United States and became the third nation to realize a return mission to the Moon.

lunar mission;Chang'e;probe;satellite;spacecraft

New Lunar Mission to Test Chang'e-5 Technology[Oct 23, 2014]

China will launch a new lunar mission this week to test technology likely to be used in Chang'e-5, a future lunar probe with the ability to return to Earth. The experimental spacecraft launched this week is expected to reach a location near the moon and return to Earth, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense on Wednesday.

earth observation;satellite;global change;remote observation

Chinese Scientist Proposes New Scientific Satellites[Oct 16, 2014]

A Chinese scientist has proposed a series of satellites to monitor "global change," or planetary-scale changes concerning the Earth. Speaking at the ongoing Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium in Beijing, Guo Huadong, dean of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, suggested six satellites to monitor global change as well as observation technology based on the moon.

China Spallation Neutron Source;CSNS

China's First Spallation Neutron Device Makes Headway[Oct 16, 2014]

The construction of the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) makes continued progress as a crucial component finishes installation on Wednesday. When completed in 2018, the CSNS, used to probe the microscopic structure of the microscopic world producing similar results as an x-ray, will be China's largest scientific device. The installation of the negative hydrogen ion source, the first accelerator which provides a high quality and stable particle beam, marks a new phase for the whole project, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said in a statement.


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