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  66 Chinese leaders: Science is Key to Future
  67 New Vice Presidents Assume Office at CAS
  68 Beijing Electron Positron Collider Luminosity Sets World Record
  69 First Deep-sea Research Institute Opens in Sanya
  70 Mu-Ming Poo Receives Gruber Neuroscience Prize
  71 2016 Carl Sagan Medal Goes to CAS Astronomer
  72 CAS in Nature Index: A Top Contributor of Quality Science for Four Years
  73 Tan Kah Kee Science Awards and Tan Kah Kee Young Scientist Awards 2016 Conferred
  75 Laureates of Tan Kah Kee Science Awards 2016
  77 Laureates of TKK Young Scientist Awards 2016
  80 TMT: Best Location for the Best Science - An Interview with Dr. Gary Sanders
  87 Feats of the 12th National Five-Year Plan - Quantum Communications
  91 From Scotland to China - Understanding Energy Balance for Three Decades and On
  99 DBAR Initiative: Big Earth Data for “Belt and Road” Development
  106 Beijing Declaration on Earth Observation for Belt and Road
  108 First Observational Analysis of the Magnetic Reconnection Process
  109 Genetic Mechanisms of Different Flower Patterning
  110 Botanical Studies Suggest Origin of Hainan Island
  112 Environmental Filtering Governs Fish Gut Microbiota?
  114 Chinese Scientists Solve First Crystal Structure of Zika Virus Protein
  116 SIBCB Researchers Generate Human Haploid Embryonic Stem Cells
  117 Causal Link between Vertical ZIKV Infection and Malformation of Fetal Brain Established
  118 Discharge of Organic Nutrients May Have Worsened Green Tides in Yellow Sea
  119 Understanding Permafrost Carbon Budget
  120 Ice Core Records Reveal Atmospheric Mercury Deposition over Past 500 Years
  122 A Novel Type of High Efficiency, Low Cost Battery
  123 New Oligocene Primates from China Highlight Ancient Climate Change as Possible Evolution Filter
  125 New Insight into Impact of Climatic Fluctuations on Human Migration and Genetic History of Ice Age Eurasia
  127 Quantitative Relationship between Positive Affect and Mortality Risk in Older People
  128 Your Smell Sensitivity Affects Your Social Network Size
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