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  1 Contents
  2 China Reveals Plan to Build New National Labs
  4 Accelerator Physicist XIE Jialin Dies at the Age of 96
  6 “Science Always Has Been, and Continues to Be International”
  23 Cornucopia CAS Research Dominant in Top 10 S&T News
  29 Discovery of Iron-based High-temperature Superconductors with Critical Temperature beyond 40 K and Studies on Some Fundamental Physical Properties
  32 Superconductivity and Nanomaterials
  34 Stellar Parenting Making New Stars By “Adopting” Stray Cosmic Gases
  36 Geometric Frustration Induces Liquid-like Ground State of Electric Dipoles
  38 Anharmonic Lattice Dynamics of Iron at High Temperature from First-Principles
  40 Observation of Magnon-Mediated Electric Current Drag at Room Temperature
  42 Interplanting Legume Plants Facilitates Water Utilization of Rubber Trees in Xishuangbanna
  44 “APEC Blue” How Emission Controls Impacted Aerosol Composition, Sources, Formation and Optical Properties
  45 Understanding China’s Desertification from the Interactions of Natural, Human Factors
  47 Where Does All the Water Go in Subtropical Karst Areas of Southwest China
  49 IOM Scientists Make Breakthrough in Ebola Virus Research
  51 SIBCB Researchers Reveal a New Way to Potentiate T-cell Antitumor Immunity
  53 Evaluating Regional-scale Genetic Structure of Eastern Honey Bee Populations
  54 A New Fossil Species of Celastrus Found in SW Yunnan
  55 Climate and Topography Explaining Range Sizes of Terrestrial Vertebrates
  57 Coelacanth Retrocopies Provide Insights into Evolution of Coelacanth and Water to Land Transition
  58 Why Flowers Look so Different: Understanding the Flexibility of Floral Structure and Its Underlying Mechanisms
  60 Altai Neanderthal Shows Gene Flow from Early Modern Humans
  61 Measuring Depression, Anxiety, Stress: China’s Case
  62 Anti-Coffee-Ring Effect Method Gives Potentials in Macroscopic 3D Plasmonic Superlattice Array
  63 New Patterning Method for Fabricating MicroNano Scale Devices
  64 An Alternative Approach to Fabricating Defective TiO2-x Nanocrystal Photocatalysts
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