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  130 InBrief
  133 Chinese Scientists Hail the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  140 The Legend of LIGO - An Interview with David Reitze
  146 The World’s Most Powerful Laser Sheds Light on the GPCR-arrestin Signaling Pathway
  148 The Annual Report for World Sustainable Development 2015: Voice from the Chinese School of Sustainability Science
  153 To Better Model the Earth System: Data Assimilation at CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum
  159 2015 Green Tech: Integrating Efforts for Sustainable Development
  165 CAS-TWAS SDIM: Strengthening S&T Cooperation with Countries Involved in the B&R Initiative
  167 Development Strategy for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology
  170 First Evidence of Scintillations Associated with Plasma Blobs in Low Latitude Ionosphere
  171 Hidden Pairs of Supermassive Black Holes
  173 A Majorana-like State Discovered in the Iron-based Superconductor
  175 Mixed-species Flocks Important for Biodiversity Conservation in Tropics
  176 What the Nose Knows: Zoologists Develop a New Framework for Teaching Animals to Detect Odors
  177 One Big Step Forward Towards Understanding Photosynthesis
  179 Chemical Induction of Cardiac Reprogramming of Fibroblasts
  181 Fossilized Leaves Indicate Historical Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
  182 Scientists Reveal Joint Factors for Severe Drought in North China in 2014
  184 Campaign on Atmospheric Aerosol Research Network of China: CARE-China
  185 The Most Influential and Uncertain Processes in Simulating Low-cloud: Based on a Higher Order Closure Scheme
  187 An Ocean Multi-variate Data Assimilation System in the Indo-West-Pacific Oceans
  189 Recent Changes in Wetlands on Tibetan Plateau
  190 Microbiota-based Approach for Predicting Early Childhood Caries
  191 Scientists Reveal Brain Pathway That Mediates Innate Fear
  192 Individuals with High Social Anhedonia Have Already Exhibited Altered Corticostriatal Functional Connectivity
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