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  66 InBrief
  72 Against All Odds
  78 The LAMOST-Kepler Project: A Model of Win-Win Astronomical Cooperation?-- An Interview with Peter De Cat
  83 Ebola Mutation Slower than Thought
  85 Novel Longevity Regulator Cgi121: Paradox in Aging Mechanism
  89 TIB: Catalyzing Greener and Cooler Growth
  97 As Green as a Leaf: Carbon Dioxide Recovery in Design
  99 Plastic Produced by Escherichia coli
  102 Green and Aromatic Future
  104 Basic Research and the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries
  107 Interplanetary Shocks Trigger Magnetic Field Disturbances in Geospace
  108 CARM1 Regulates mRNA Nuclear Retention in Paraspeckles
  109 New Genetic Evidence Supports Initial Migration of Settlers into Eastern Asia via Myanmar
  111 New Wasp Species Protects Its Progeny with Dead Ants
  112 Smooth as Silk: Transcriptomic Study of Silkworms Hints at the Genetic Basis of Silk Production
  113 China Completes Draft Genome of Grass Carp
  114 Evolutionary Diversification of Alpine Ginger Reflects Ancient Geological, Environmental Changes
  116 Bizarre Jurassic Dinosaur with Membranous Wings Discovered in China
  118 Exploiting the Power of Phytohormones in Microalgal Biotechnology
  120 Research Reveals Regulatory Mechanism of Cellulosome Stoichiometry
  122 New Knowledge to Explain, Regulate Urban Heat Island
  123 Scientists Question whether New Nature Reserve Ensures Bird Diversity in Xishuangbanna
  124 Schizophrenics Do Not Show Impaired Temporal Attention, Study Finds
  125 A Novel Hypothesis on Biological Origins of Music and Dance
  126 Water as a Colorful Ink: Transparent, Rewritable Photonic Coatings Based on Colloidal Crystals Embedded in Chitosan Hydrogel
  127 New Approach to Synthesize Graphene Quantum Dots
  128 A New Photo-catalysis Mechanism for Clay Minerals
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