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  2 Two-decade Development of the Hundred-Talent Program
  3 Hundred-Talent Program and My Team
  7 For A Neutrino Experiment of Our Own
  9 My Scientist's Dream and the Hundred-Talent Program
  10 My “First Bucket of Gold”
  15 My Takeoff from Shanghai
  18 A Time-honored Program, My New Start
  20 InBrief
  26 CAS in the Lens of Nature Index: A Leading Contributor to High Quality Science
  29 Origin of Birds: Decade-Long Efforts and Evidence from China
  33 Exploring into Multi-Culture Fermentation
  39 International Expert Diagnostic Assessment for CAS Institutes
  41 Action Recommendations to CAS and MPG on Personalized Medicine
  45 MST4 Revealed a Molecular Brake to Prevent Overactive Inflammatory Responses
  46 Novel CHEK2 Mutation Identified Potentially Responsible for Early Onset of Breast Cancers in Chinese Population
  48 Innovative Strategy in Nanomedicine for Targeted Cancer Therapy: Laser-triggered nanoplatform enabling site-specific drug delivery
  50 Figs, Wasps, Carrots and Sticks? A New Theoretical Approach to Understanding the Origin and Nature of Mutualisms and Symbiotic Relationships
  52 Study Urges Preservation of Old Tree Species in Southwest China
  53 A New Pollinating Seed-Consuming Mutualism from High Himalayas
  54 Ancient Chinese Skull Has Neandertal-like Inner Ear
  56 Lantian Homo erectus Re-dated to 1.63 Ma
  58 Abnormal Lithium Isotope Composition from Ancient Lithospheric Mantle
  60 Natural Vegetation Restoration Is More Beneficial to Soil Surface Carbon Sequestration on Loess Plateau
  62 Earthworms Facilitate Net Carbon Sequestration in Soil
  64 New Findings of Ancient Settlements along Silk Road
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