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66  Coordinating International Efforts to Address Global Environment Change — Report from the 35th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment
75  Pooling Observation Data Together to Serve Comprehensive Purposes — Ms. Barbara Ryan on the Global Earth Observation System of Systems
78  International Cooperation Key to Success of Earth Observation System — An Interview with Dr. Ghassem R. Asrar
85  China’s Remote Sensing from a Global View — An Interview with CAS Member Prof. GUO Huadong
88  China and Europe to Embrace a Brighter Future for Cooperation in Earth Observation — An Interview with Dr. Stephen Briggs, Head of Earth Observation Programme Planning and Coordination, European Space Agency
91  Strengthen China-Thailand Partnership in Remote Sensing to Combat Natural Disasters and Climate Change — An Interview with Dr. Anond Snidvongs, Executive Director of Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), Thailand
93  Working with China in Remote Sensing for Twenty Years and On — An Interview with Dr. Frederick Campbell
96  Earth Observations in China and the World - History and Development in 50 Years
99  InBrief
105  Fruit Scientist TIAN Shiping: Using Biotechnology for Control of Fruit Diseases
109  Tumor Immunologist YAN Xiyun: Enjoy Doing Science
111  Reduce Poverty by Offering Quality Education to Rural China — Agricultural Economist ZHANG Linxiu and Her Research Team’s Efforts
117  China's Largest Remote Sensing Research Institute Opens in Beijing
119  Crystallize Research Directions and Build RADI into a First- class Research Institute
123  Support Quake Rescue Operation with Remote Sensing Technology
125  Using Remote Sensing for Dynamic Monitoring of Quake-ravaged Wenchuan: Five Years On
128  China's Satellite Data Network Extends to the South China Sea
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