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TKK Science Award in Chemistry 2014

Prof. LIN Guoqiang was born in Shanghai in 1943. Following completion of his graduate study at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry(SIOC) in 1968, he joined the same institute and works on synthetic methodology and natural products chemistry. In the fall of 1991, he was promoted to full professorship. LIN was elected as an academician of CAS in 2001. He has served as Chairman of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry, director of the Division of Chemical Science, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

LIN is serving as an Executive Board Member of Editors for Tetrahedron Publications since 1992, Associate Chief Editors of SCIENCE CHINA and Acta Chemica Sinica. His works have been accumulated in books on Asymmetric SynthesisPrinciple and Application (5th Ed. Science Press, China, 2013), Chiral DrugsChemistry and Biological Action (Wiley, 2011) which become the seminal references for graduate students and researchers in academy and industry.

Award-winning achievement:

Method Innovation on Studies of Chiral Chemistry: Asymmetric Synthesis is the most powerful approach to obtain chiral molecules, and plays a vital role in the fields of organic synthesis, chiral drugs and fine chemicals. Therefore, it becomes one of the most active topics in chemical science. However, the development of efficiently asymmetric method still remains a challenge. LIN and co-workers have career-long interests in developing the practical routes for the synthesis of versatile chiral ligands, exploring environmentally benign, tunable chemo- and bio-transformations with high stereoselectivities and yields. Based on the significant achievements on stereoselective reactions, especially the application of novel chiral diene ligands, LIN and his team have designed and synthesized a number of chiral functional molecules, chiral registered drugs and biologically active compounds in highly enantioselective manner. The originality and novelty of his work leads to a series of impressive achievements in asymmetric synthesis and related research areas .

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