Rice Molecular Design Breeding Helps Variety Upgrade in China

"Zhongke 804," a new rice variety developed by CAS Academician LI Jiayang from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, showed excellent performance in 2018 at a 3,000-mu (200-ha) demonstration field in Heilongjiang Province. 

"Zhongke 804" and "Zhongke Fa" are the landmark varieties developed by LI's team. The team won a National Natural Science First Prize in 2017 for its research, "Molecular basis underlying high-yield and superior-quality traits and breeding elite rice varieties by molecular design." Using the strategy outlined in the research, the two new rice varieties have achieved efficient breeding of high-yield, high quality and multi-resistant rice.  

"Zhongke 804" is outstanding in yield, blast resistance, rice quality, lodging resistance and head-milled rice rate. It is a milestone in the upgrade of rice varieties in China. 

This research is supported by the Strategic Pioneer Science and Technology Project (Category A) "Molecular Module Design and Breeding Innovation System" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Zhongke 804




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