EAST Achieves 100s World Record Steady-state High Performance Plasma

EAST superconducting tokamak made an advance in achieving a stable 101.2-second steady-state high confinement plasma, setting a world record in long-pulse H-mode operation on the night of July 3rd, 2017. 

The obtained high confinement mode features the edge localized modes (ELMs) with small perturbation amplitude under the condition of low-momentum injection with pure RF (LHCD, ICRF, ECRH) wave heating, actively cooled ITER-like monoblock tungsten divertor. 

With effective control of the divertor target heat load and tungsten impurity influx and the center chord average electron density being maintained at > 50% Greenwald density limit, EAST achieved a fully non-inductive current driven steady-state high-performance plasma with a confinement enhancement factor H98y2 greater than 1.1 for more than 100 seconds. 

All the plasma parameters, including recycling, particle and heat fluxes, reached truly steady-state after 20s, the wall saturate time for the W divertor and maintained stable to the end of discharge. 

This breakthrough indicates EAST will continue to play a key role on both physics and engineering fronts of steady-state operation, and has significant scientific implications for the International Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor (ITER) and the future China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR). 

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