Reentry Module of Shenzhou-11 Spacecraft Successfully Landed

The reentry module of the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft successfully landed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at 13:59 on Nov. 18, 2016. Its two astronauts, JING Haipeng and CHEN Dong, were in excellent condition. 

Shenzhou-11 was launched at 7:30 on Oct. 17 and docked with space lab Tiangong-2. The two astronauts entered the space lab and conducted various tests and science experiments during their month-long stay in orbit. 

This was the sixth manned space flight carried out by China, and the second flight of the applied manned space-to-earth round-trip transportation system composed of the improved Shenzhou manned spacecraft and the improved Long March 2F carrier rocket. 

The mission was an important milestone for China's space program, bringing the country closer to building its own permanent space station.




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