Quantum Teleportation with Multiple Degrees of Freedom Achieved for the First Time

Academician PAN Jianwei, together with his research group members LU Chaoyang and LIU Naile of The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), have achieved quantum teleportation with multiple degrees of freedom for the first time worldwide. This is another major breakthrough in the experimental study of quantum information, which has laid a solid foundation for scalable quantum computation and the development of quantum network technology through 18 years of effort since the first international realization of quantum teleportation with a single degree of freedom in 1997. The research achievement was published in Nature. 

With support from related science and education organs such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, PAN Jianwei and his group took up the challenge, chose single-photon spin and orbital angular momentum as subjects to investigate, creatively developed many novel multi-particle and multi-DOF entanglement manipulation techniques, and cleverly designed single-photon nondestructive measurement techniques to realize multi-DOF bell measurement techniques for spin and orbital angular momentum. After several years of arduous effort, the researchers succeeded in making a spin-orbital angular momentum super-entangled source with maximum brightness and orbital angular momentum measuring instruments with high efficiency. These achievements helped surmount the previous limitation of manipulation of two-photon orbital angular momentum, and established a six-photon and eleven-qbit spin-orbital angular momentum entanglement experimental platform, thus successfully achieving a quantum teleportation system with multiple degrees of freedom. 

Quantum teleportation processing photo of single-photon spin and orbital angular momentum: Photon with orbital angular momentum transmits onward in a helical line; the spin angular momentum carried by the photon is indicated by an arrow. 




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