Successful Launch of Shenzhou-10 and Docking with Tiangong-1

China successfully launched its fifth manned spacecraft on June 11, 2013.  

Shenzhou-10, atop an upgraded Long March-2F carrier rocket, blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China late Tuesday afternoon and entered its designated orbit minutes later. 

Three astronauts, two male and one female, are aboard the spacecraft. 

Shenzhou-10 manned spacecraft completed automated docking procedure with the orbiting Tiangong-1 space module two days later, and manual docking procedure on June 23. 

A special lecture was given by female astronaut Wang Yaping, one of the three crew members of Shenzhou-10 spacecraft, aboard Tiangong-1, about 340 km above her students on Earth, the first such attempt by Chinese. 

The astronauts also carried out scientific experiments and space medical experiments on board Tiangong-1. 

The spacecraft returned to the Earth on June 26.




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