China Launches Applicable Deep UV Laser Device

The deep ultraviolet (DUV) solid-state laser device, invented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), passed testing on September 6, 2013, making China the only country in possession of such technology. 

The success embodies the academy's dedication to major innovation and breakthrough in seeking development. The device marks the world's first-ever output of 1,064-nanometer's 6-harmonic frequency multiplication, shortening the diode-pumped solid-state laser (DPL)'s wavelength to 177.3nm. 

Based on the achievement, the pair later managed to develop an applicable DUV-DPL. 

A DUV wave refers to the light wave whose wavelength is shorter than 200nm. Synchrotron radiation and gas discharge are among the main non-coherent light sources to produce DUV lasers. A KBBF prism coupling device-based DPL source features a smaller size, higher energy resolution and higher photon influx density.
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