Joint Geological Investigation on Crustal Evolution and Metal Mineralization in Mongolia Altai


A research team led by Prof. JIANG Yingde and YUAN Chao from the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIGCAS) and their colleagues from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology conducted geological investigation on crustal evolution and metal mineralization in Mongolia Altai during July 18 - August 4, 2023.


Prof. YUAN Chao (left) and Assoc. Prof. Batkhishig Bayaraa had academic discussion in front of an ophiolite belt, western Mongolia. 


The joint team from China and Mongolia were looking for the Precambrian strata of Dariv region, western Mongolia 


The joint team from China and Mongolia investigated Ulaan uul granites in the Kyzyltau ore field, Mongolian Altai 


The joint team from China and Mongolia investigated the ore mine of the Ulaan uul tungsten deposit, Mongolian Altai

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