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China-Brazil Joint Laboratory for Space Weather

The Joint Laboratory for Space Weather in South America, jointly constructed by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) plays a key role in the formation of International Space Weather Meridian Circle Programme (ISWMCP).

It is responsible for the joint Meridian chains observation and data converging in the west hemisphere, the joint space environment exploration and research in the low latitude area both in the east and west hemisphere, as well as the bridge for Sino-Brazilian culture exchanges.   

The Joint Laborary for Space Weather in South America, covering 800 square meters, is located in the headquarters of INPE, comprising a joint demonstration hall, a data center, meeting rooms and administrative offices. In addition, four sets of equipments including laser radars will be displayed at the field station in Santa Maria. 

The International Space Weather Meridian Circle Programme (ISWMCP), based on China’s Meridian Project, is designated to connect 120°E and 60°W meridian chains of ground-based observatories and enhance the ability of monitoring space environment worldwide.

This Programme aims to observe the physical processes of the catastrophic space weather in geo-space, clarify the regional characteristic of the space environment, and develop space weather forecast models, with the aid of space borne observations. 

National Space Science Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences has initialed ISWMCP and had agreements already with many countries along this circle.

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