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China Launches Support Project to Attract Scientific Talents
The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) will launch a new project to attract and support urgently needed talents, according to an announcement on Monday. Titled "New 100-Talent", the project aims to attract 100 scientists worldwide, who are most urgently needed in cutting-edge fields in China and have the potential to make international breakthroughs, according to the CAS.
The Chinese Scientific Revolution Aims to Tackle Climate Change
Just a few days ago, the Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted a small workshop which involved scientists from around the world that work on a device called the Expendable Bathythermograph, or XBT for short. The obscurity of the conference speaks volumes; it didn't get much, if any, press attention. This fact tells a lot about the host nation.
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Chinese Science Gets Mass Transformation
Change is coming to the institute that has been at the heart of China's scientific development since the communist state began. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is making unprecedented structural reforms to foster collaboration and turbocharge research. Proponents say that the initiative will make China a world leader in areas from neuroscience to particle physics; detractors question whether modern China needs such a sprawling organization at all.
Chinese Academy of Sciences to Lead Reform
The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China's top science think tank, plans to put itself in the vanguard of the reform of scientific research, said Bai Chunli, CAS president, Thursday. The CAS rolled out a complete restructuring program for more than 100 subordinate institutes on Tuesday, sorting them into four functional categories - applied technology for industry; academic research; engineering; and basic research that requires long-term investment.
Xi Urges Development through Scientific Innovation
President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called for a greater focus on scientific innovation, as well as making it a driving force for China's development. The nation will be revitalized and become powerful if it has strong scientific power, Xi said while visiting the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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