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Dr., Abdel-Salam was born in Cairo in 1966. She received her M.B.B.Ch. in Faculty of Medicine in Cairo University in 1989, and then she finishes her M.Sc (Pediatrics) in Faculty of Medicine in 1995 in Cairo University in 1995. In 2000, she was awarded Ph.D degree in clinical genetics from Semmelewies Medical University, Budapest, Hungary. Her main field of research in the Ph.D was etiology prevention antenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling of microcephaly. On the course of the study, she reported several observations. For example, she confirmed on the existence of special facial features in cases with microcephaty and normal intelligence, reported the third case in the literature with microcephaty and congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium, reported on at special facial features in cases with microcephaty and chorioretinal dysplasia and also she reported on different multiple congenital abnormalities syndromes.

Further, she proposed a pathogenetic morphological classification for the microcephaly, showed the association of epilepsy in the different groups of microcephaly correlation between head circumference and IQ, epilepsy, growth pattern and she gave evidences that the iron and folic acid may play a role in the prevention of isolated microcephaly.

After she returned back to Egypt in 2000, she extended her research work. She described the first 10 Egyptian patients with Aicardi-Goufieres syndromo in Egypt constructed growth charts for Egyptian children with Down syndrome, analysed the Magnetic resonance images, EEG changes in relation to lQ values in late treated cases with phenylketonuria and described different visual evoked potentials and electroretinogram in cases with microphthalmia

In addition, she described three sibs with Hallervorden-Spatz disease and calcification of the basal ganglia, reported two male sibs with Dandy-walker malformation and brain stem dysgenesis and described the clinical and radiological findings of two sibs with Oto-spondylo-megaepiphyseal dysplasia (OSMED). She participated with her colleagues in the clinical and radiological manifestations of series of Egyptian patients with Joubert syndrome.

In 2008 she described a new type of intracranial calcification and developmental brain malformation and she called it as BIC (in additional commentary paper). This new form of intracranial calcification was citied in POSSUM/OSSUM computerized database under the heading of “6585 Microcephaly, intracranial calcifications, malformation of brain development, Abdel-Salam type”

The results of this outstanding research were published and /or accepted for publication in 33 national and international literature.

In 2001 she established with her colleague the first clinic for follow up for cases with microcephaly and brain malformation

In 2004 she has been chosen as a reviewer for Saudi Medical Journal and Journal of Pediatric Neurology and Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry.

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