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"SHEN HAI YONG SHI" 4500-meter Manned Submersible Officially Delivered
Jan 26, 2018

In November 2017, "SHEN HAI YONG SHI" 4500-meter manned submersible was officially delivered to Institute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The "SHEN HAI YONG SHI" project gathered the strength of 94 enterprises and institutions, and conquered a series of core technology difficulties for key components through eight years' arduous work.

More than 90% of its technology and parts are domestic. The submersible updates the technology of "JIAOLONG" and lays foundation for made-in-China myriametre manned submersible. It marks a new era of the comprehensive and independent breakout capability in deep-sea technology field of China.




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(Editor: ZHANG Nannan)