President XI visits CAS The Pioneer Initiative of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a direct result of President XI Jinping’s visit to CAS in July, 2013. It is also an action in response to the call of the new Chinese government for deepening reform of China's science and technology (S&T) structure and mechanisms. In addition to highly praising CAS as a national strategic research force during the visit, President XI encouraged it to strive for more contributions in the future... [more]
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Major Actions
Restructure CAS Institutes
● Innovative Academies
Focusing on mission-oriented research for innovative outputs that meet the strategic demands of industrial and economic development.
● Centers of Excellence
Performing basic research in the frontiers sciences.
● Mega-Science Research Centers
Built on major facilities and platforms for innovative research in S&T, open to the entire country and to the world.
● Feature Institutes
Committed to research relevant to sustainable economic and social development in China.
Optimize scientific deployment according to five priorities
Strategic and major scientific issues and challenges
Fundamental science, frontiers and inter-disciplinary research
Core technology for emerging industries
National missions
Health and sustainable development
Further enhance the role and impact as a national scientific think-tank
An Institute for S&T Strategy and Consultation will be organized to explore new mechanisms for an effective research and management platform, making CAS a source of innovative ideas.
Further reform talent & personnel management system
Actions include reforming the CAS members election & management, the introduction of tenure-track system and implementation of CAS President's International Fellowship (PIFI), etc.
Implement an open innovation strategy
Enhance domestic & international cooperation to further provide S&T service
Develop a national science & technology service (STS) network
Establish regional innovation system
Implement internationalization strategy
Develop national science platforms open to the public and the whole scientific
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