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Scientists from Belt and Road Countries Gather in Beijing

Nov. 10, 2016 (EIRNS) —Twenty national scientific and research organizations from countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative issued a declaration on Nov. 8, establishing an alliance of international scientists to promote cross-border cooperation. This was the First International Forum of National Scientific Organizations on the Belt and Road Initiative.
The declaration was made after a two-day forum attended by more than 350 scientists from 40 countries and regions.

"The declaration not only represents the scientists’ and research organizations’ willingness to strengthen international cooperation among countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative, but also includes mechanisms that will enhance cooperation," said Tan Tieniu, vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which co-organized the forum.

The mechanisms include holding the forum every two years; multilateral personnel exchange and student training programs, and joint scientific research projects.

"The Chinese Academy of Sciences has been expanding cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative since 2013, and proposed this international scientific alliance, so we hope to play a leading role in the cooperation," Tan said. The academy started a project in 2013 that offers 200 full scholarships per year to overseas candidates.

The meeting was addressed by Bai Chunli, the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

"Science and innovation not only holds the promise of solutions to complex scientific challenges in the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, but can also be of significant value to the upgrading of the capacity and quality of cooperation between China and other countries," said Bai Chunli, president of the academy.

"Scientific organizations, scientists and experts from diverse backgrounds should enhance their efforts and cooperation in developing communities of common interests, responsibility and goals, and in providing a strong scientific basis for construction of the Belt and Road Initiative," he said.

Scientific organizations that issued the declaration include the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyzstan Academy of Sciences, the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences. (EIR)

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