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MOFs;hybrid nanogels;photothermal conversion;cancer therapy

Chinese Researchers Synthesize New Nanogels to Improve Cancer Therapy[May 10, 2018]

Recently, a research team in China successfully developed a simple one-pot route to in situ synthesize MOF-based hybrid nanogels. Multifunctional hybrid nanogels by combining nanomaterials in a polymer network have attracted much attention in biomedical areas due to their great potential for simultaneous bioimaging, biosensing, stimuli-responsive drug release and cancer therapy.

NOD;RIP2;NOD-like receptor;NLR;antigen presentation;zebrafish

RIP2 Regulates the NLRs Signaling and MHC Antigen Presentation[May 09, 2018]

Receptor-Interacting Protein 2 (RIP2) is a key adaptor protein in NOD-like receptors (NLRs)-mediated signaling pathway. Recently, the research group from Institute of Hydrobiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences obtained a knockout homozygous line of zebrafish NOD1 and RIP2. They investigated the effect of NOD1-RIP2 axis on immune signaling pathways during zebrafish early development by transcriptome sequencing and Western blotting.

genome sequence;wheat;Triticum urartu

Chinese Scientists Generate a High-quality Wheat A Genome Sequence[May 09, 2018]

A joint research team from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, BGI Shenzhen and Keygene in the Netherland generated a high-quality genome sequence of T. urartu by combining BAC-by-BAC sequencing, single molecule real-time whole-genome shotgun sequencing and next-generation mapping technologies.

high resolution;GF-5;payloads;atmospheric environment;satellite

China's Three Satellite Payloads Kick off Orbiting with China's GF-5 Launching[May 09, 2018]

Three payloads kick off its orbiting with China's first high resolution atmospheric environmental observation satellite, or GF-5, launching on May 9, 2018 in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi Province.

FeS;carboxyl-functionalized ferroferric oxide;Cd(II);Cr(VI);nanomaterial

Sandwich-like Nano-system Simultaneously Removes Heavy Metals From Environment[May 09, 2018]

A sandwich-like nano-system developed recently could simultaneously remove heavy metals, mainly Cr(VI)/Cd(II), from contaminated water and soil. WU Zhengyan's study team from Institute of Technical Biology and Agriculture Engineering conducted this research and their new technology was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

grain boundary;gold nanocrystal;nanocrystal

Researchers Discover Size Effect on Grain-boundary Structure in Nanometer-scaled Crystals[May 08, 2018]

Grain boundary (GB) is one of the most important defects in crystalline materials. Recently, the research groups from Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a significant size effect on the grain boundary structure in sub-10-nm gold nanocrystals through in situ atomic resolution aberration corrected electron microscopy.


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